Hiking in Canada with German Shepherd ( Part 2 )

This is Part 2 of our hike in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Canada with our German Shepherd Kassie. We finish off this hike with a picnic.

Below is the link to part 1.

Below is the link to the video we got another crow.

Below are links to other videos in this same six months earlier.

Below are some links to winter hiking videos.

  1. Dennis C says:

    nice hike, nice views, good commentary… always nice to see the views of mother nature. thanks for taking us along on your adventure, its always enjoyable to come along and see all the beauty of your country…

  2. Greg M says:

    Peach and Purtch. We don't have the colors yet here on long island. Just starting. I'm surprised artists don't paint that landscape.

  3. Blanca Humphrey says:

    Wow, what a view. the colors ware breathtaking. Thanks for a nice video. Happy Trails to you.:)

  4. Cherie Dame says:

    Beautiful view! Gorgeous day! Cassie's having fun. How's the new crow? Did you name her/him yet? Have a Blessed day!

  5. KE Rose says:

    Hello! You could name the new crow Blackie. That would be a perfect name. Why? Because crows in Canada and the United States are black. Here in Europe they are grey and black.

  6. Este lugar quando chega a primavera fica totalmente verde ? Porque agora as folhas estão secas e avermelhadas por causa da estação outono. Mas o lugar e lindo , e tem trilhas , deve ter muita gente que fazem caminhadas. E está cheio de lagoas, e rios para embelezar mais o local. Parece que Kassie conhece o caminho, ele vai direitinho nas trilhas. Muito lindo???????????

  7. LostHorizon52 aka Debbie says:

    Another perfect day out in nature .. wish I could be there, especially to be out where it is fresh and clean and away from all this wifi EMF that is so prevalent where I live .. thanks so much for sharing :)))

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