Hiking in Cedarville State Forest, MD

Walk and Talk around Cedarville State forest in Maryland.

7.0 Mile loop on the “Orange Trail” walk and talk about the current state of youtube, demonetization and subscribers.

Valleyreb 21st century longhunter:

AOK Foraging and Adventure:

Black River Rambler:

Robert Agri:

Rockett Outdoors:

T Throg:

Flying Squirrel Outdoors:

  1. Walker Outdoors says:

    I hear where you're coming from exactly I spend about three hours a day working on YouTube watching videos leaving comments it's a chore and I've got to say yours is one of the channels that I do like to follow I may take your advice and drop some of these others thank you for your support keep on doing what you're doing we got this

  2. Nate Buker says:

    I totally feel you with sub scrounging. I never wanted to play that game to any great extent, seems disingenuous. I go back and forth with video styles too. I don't wanna be the walking, talking selfie guy and I always think I do too much of that. Once and I while I'll get a good balance! I just try to make it as interesting and viewable as possible and keep it real. I related to everything said here. Anyway keep up the good work!

  3. Well done, I never mind your rambling and if you ever find out why the devastation please do an update because now I want to know why all of a sudden strip a section along what was a beautiful trail.

  4. Steve Bennett says:

    Hey Rocky,
    Thanks so much for your honest and heartfelt sharing with us brother…No sir, no apologies required man, your videos are yours and the format, content, editing, and delivery are yours to create and have fun with…There's a saying I learned on the AT that applies here and that was ''hike your own hike''…meaning you do YOU,… don't get caught-up in the distractions and judgements of others to the point that you lose focus on what got you into this in the first place…Yes Rocky, you DO have friends here, and they'll stay with you as long as you stay genuine, humble, and true to yourself, and it's really easier that way isn't it ?…Hike your own hike brother, you just be you, and we'll be waiting on the next episode…ATB…(from your Delaware neighbor)….CHEERS AMIGO !!

  5. SectionHiking says:

    I REALLY like your videos! I’m really enjoying that you explore your favs & the Maryland trails- it’s a unique and much needed perspective to the standard AT & gear vids, etc. if we hikers live close enough to the AT to hike, we can hike the MD trails, as well. BTW, your gear is awesome! Its unique, like your channel. Keep it up & I’ll keep watching…..see you on the trail!

  6. Linkless Tennessee says:

    I’ve done the same thing go on trails away from home when some trails here I haven’t walked all the way

  7. Gaia's Pupil says:

    I feel ya bro, I've had my channel for a few years and might have 30 subs 😂😂😂 Just recently started adding content and am also dedicating it to outdoors. Peace be with you and if you're ever in texas we can camp out.

  8. Campfire Adventures says:

    Hey Rock I know what you mean by sub chasing. I use to try to be that way when I first started videos. Tried to be the person ppl wanted to see on vid. But then I realized I was making what I loved doing more into a job then a adventure. So now I do them raw and uncut. Ppl like what they see or dont. But not gonna get into rambles myself man lol. You stay you man, love the videos. Stay safe and good adventures man.

  9. Kelvin Climber says:

    well, youtube is a busniss afterall, i can see why they did that change, i always gone into youtube for the fun of it, well i or the most part unsubbscribe to eple after awhile if i start disliking their video's, i prefer the shorter video's that's more like a rewiew modeof the trails or history about the place's u visit, and yea youtube is a site were posetive feedback is what u take with you on, a nice video as always btw

  10. Burnin' Daylight Hikers says:

    GR8 talk Rocky. We don't comment much, but we do watch all your videos. We started our channel just to document our hikes, and not to be in competition with others. We think you are a real cool guy and you keeping it real is why we subbed to your channel. Just keep doing what you do and try not to over think it. And we have found it is hard to make true friends the older we get. Oh, and your content is worth watching. Just saying ☺

  11. Turtle Creek says:

    I just got back in town and getting caught up with your videos … Thanks for the mention! I do have some spots to show you this weekend.
    Not sure about that clear cut section. Maybe it was an area infested with the Emerald Ash Borer and they are trying to stop their spread by clear cutting everything in the surrounding area. Just my guess though.
    Your videos are quality work. The numbers will grow based on all the hard work you put into the videos. Keep doing what you are doing!

  12. THE BAG MAN says:

    i enjoyed your "deep woods thoughts" lol i can relate to A LOT of it. I appreciate your sub to my channel. And if youre interested in a hiking/camping collab, gimmie a holler. im only about an hour south of Brandywine, MD.

  13. StevieJoes says:

    hey I think the middle of your logo is not what I was admiring on "the insta" earlier… and boy you sure are a talker!! I suspect you probably feel better getting all that off your chest. ha ha and guess what it's totally AWESOME!!!

  14. Relax & Enjoy Music says:

    You´re absolutley right. I was hyped with "small channels united" and subscribe to them, but after one day I loose again 90% of them. Now I know thats not the way to do. I got the watchtime easy and the rest will come when it have to come. My subscribtion nomber is back to the real follower and I´m fine 😉 Thanks for your video.

  15. Anthony Payne says:

    Your channel is a nice balance of hiking, history, reviews and bushcraft, which is why I subscribe and comment when I
    feel I can contribute. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m sure in time your channel will go from strength to strength and
    you will have something to be proud of. Keep doing what you do best Rocky!

  16. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Hay, Rockie; Just Keep being yourself U Post We Watch & Comment   ATB Ter  God Bless

  17. DnSAdventures says:

    Looks like a great hike! The northeast is full of awesome hiking, we love it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your hike man, have a good one! – Shane

  18. vinniesdayoff says:

    I have to agree Rocky, demonetization is a bit of a relief. Even though I never earned anything and it would be years at my current rate of progress before I did, it was kind of a spur. Kind of put pressure on you. When they made that announcement I just felt relief . Hey all of us are only regular people just trying, I would rather look at a genuine person than some superstar ass hat. Also, when you look at some of the "superstar's" channels many of them don't really do much of anything.

  19. Black Country Woodsman says:

    Hey that trail looks great👍Great to see you out enjoying the great outdoors my friend

  20. Tom Wigren says:

    Interesting video and perspective. I hope you don't let YouTube's new policies throw you off your game and that you can continue doing what you enjoy. Liked the video and subbed your channel and would love to have you on board as a subscriber at my channel for some hiking and music!

  21. Virginia Outdoorsman says:

    Just keep doing what you want to do…the monetizing stuff is just not worth the worry, even before the change. The clearcut land at the end, thats the way they harvest pine plantations or tracts in the south here in VA..They will come back and plant little small pines probably…They clearcut like this every 20-25-30 years depending on what they want the wood for, obviously longer to get lumber, etc. Take care and "Happy Trails"

  22. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    I agree I was doing the same thing after you subscribe to my channel and took an interest in what I was doing made me want to get more subscribers and I did I have 50 subscribers now but started feeling like that wasn’t what it was about it’s about enjoying the outdoors so I focused on that stat yeah my channel has not grown in a couple days that’s OK , I have Check out my channel hike with Mike Thorne https://youtu.be/VexUpjKc08g

  23. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    I consider you a friend even though I don’t know you and I do follow your channel

  24. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    Get a app called YouTube studio you’ll be able to tell when somebody unsubscribes

  25. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    Please don’t stop commenting on my videos I really appreciate your support and really try to do what you asked to make my videos better

  26. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    At the end of this trail/ Road hike I will make a video that encompasses all of my journey for you also I did week one andWeek two for you

  27. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    At the end of this trail/ Road hike I will make a video that encompasses all of my journey for you also I did week one andWeek two for you

  28. whatnot987 says:

    Money is why they're clear cutting that forest. Every Maryland State Forest does that. Other states do the same to most of the state forests in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia as well. I have either seen evidence of logging or an active logging operation in almost every single state forest I've visited. Recently the West Virginia legislature has introduced a bill to start logging the state parks as well. Not really a tree hugger here, but that just aint right. Lol!
    I'm one of those guys that just wants to see the trail for the most part. Throw in some facts about the forest and some stats and I'm good to go. That's how I generally run my channel, but that's not really the popular thing these days. I have never monetized my channel and dont plan on doing so even though I could. I'd love to make some cash for all of the work that I put in but I refuse to work for Google. Look how they treat people… Besides, doing Youtube is fun for me and allows me to documents all of my adventures throughout the years… Good for you for doing what you want, that's what I've always tried to do. Watch what you want, upload what you want etc. Take care. -Robert

  29. valleyreb 21st century long hunter says:

    The woods are my temple, enjoy your journey, its so fun being out there and learning bushcraft, keep it up. Thanks for the shoutout! You are the MAN!

  30. Flying Squirrel Outdoors says:

    Totally agree Rocky. Gotta reflect and focus on what the goal really is – for me it's the community. Never about making money or chasing numbers. It can be EXHAUSTING to get caught up in that game. And in the end, the community you want is the community that cares about what you're doing. Be honest with yourself and just let it happen.

  31. Flying Squirrel Outdoors says:

    Thanks for the… shout-out, I guess? :p Glad I changed your mind about astronomy. It's an outdoor thing too! 🙂 And I'm multi-faceted….

  32. Fun On Vancouver Island says:

    Great outlook friend. That's why I do it.. Just to connect with people with like mind sets, and share information, experience/experiences, and stories.

    Just do you brother!

    I'll keep watching 🤘

  33. bent outofshape says:

    Great video! Funny thing is – I do not put out many videos, and I do it to share, I hate being on camera!!!! but for some reason when they did the whole demonetization thing I switched to the whole "GET SUBS" mode! well the very minute I tried to watch a few subs videos I realized that though they have quality videos, they are about things I really have zero interest in, and I just won't do that to me or them. Keep doing what you do!

  34. Borderline Wild Camping says:

    Like what you were saying :)) Let's just carry on what we are doing! Thanks,

  35. Backwoods Survivalist says:

    Keep up the good work bro. Been watching for a bit n Love the video. I like watching people somewhat close where I live. Be cool to meet up one day to enjoy what I call the backwoods. Lol

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