Hiking Sedona | Doe Mountain, Devil’s Bridge, Brins Mesa | 4K

Episode 6 – Vortex

Journey with us as we explore the many hiking trails of Sedona. Sedona is known for vortexes, which people claim are spots of energy emanating from the rocks. Our trek takes us through high mountains, mesas, and forests.

0:00 – Welcome to Sedona
2:08 – Doe Mountain Sunrise Ascent
6:14 – Doe Mountain Descent
7:00 – Start of the Long Trek
8:34 – Chuckwagon Trail
10:50 – Devil’s Bridge Trail
11:59 – The Devil and Its Bridge
15:39 – Down the Dusty Road
17:01 – Brins Mesa Trail
20:08 – Soldier Pass Trail
22:38 – Seven Sacred Pools & The Devil’s Kitchen
24:15 – Cibola Pass to Brins Mesa
26:29 – Top of Brins Mesa
28:53 – The Creepy Forest
30:59 – Nightfall

Music credit:

ON AND ON by Nicolai Heidlas Music
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

  1. Cem Kozikoglu says:

    Wow great visuals and content! I live on Vancouver Island, and archiving my memories by posting them to youtube, I would love it if you can check and comment on some of my works as well. Thank you !

  2. Lovely content! As I said before, length should be no issue if there's enough important talking or music! You've clearly accounted for the both and I can't wait for more! Sub!

  3. Trails We Hike says:

    Great episode again, well done! Awesome shots of the hot-air balloons, wasn't expecting that 🙂 Beautiful views, the early climbing certainly paid off. Thanks for some amazing hikes and the info around Sedona, totally enjoyed it, TFS!

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