Hiking the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail!

March 9th-18th of 2018, we hiked the GA AT! It took us 10 days.
This was my first overnight hike ever!
We parked my car at Amicalola Falls State Park and got a shuttle up to Dicks Creek Gap. We then hiked northbound until we reached Bly Gap (the closest landmark to the GA/NC line) then turned around and went southbound through the GA AT and the approach trail. That’s about 95 miles total!
Shout out to Suches Hiker Shuttle (Murris), a 24-hour, dog-friendly shuttle who has a lot of knowledge to share if you want any advice!
I definitely recommend doing this hike over a Spring Break!
Happy trails!

  1. link2derek says:

    Cool vid – thanks for sharing! I lived in Atlanta back in the 1990's, and I hiked the GA section of the AT many, many times. I would park at Amicalola (or Springer, if the FS roads were not washed out) and hike to Plum Orchard Gap Shelter and back (165 miles +/-)… and with no trips to towns and only re-supplying at the Walasi-Yi Center (now called Mountain Crossings) at Neels Gap, it usually took me 11-12 days. Good times! It was nice to see some of the old stomping ground.

  2. flamedancer44 says:

    Lol, welcome to the Hiker world….moleskin,dirty nails,stinky…get used to it!!! Haaa!!! but try switching your lead foot, try not to favor one side,Happy Trails

  3. Tammy McNeill says:

    You need to drink more water! If you are not pooing and peeing you are getting too dehydrated.

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