Hiking with a German Shepherd in the Redwood Forest 3 of 3 Hiking with Dog Series

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Hiking with a German Shepherd in the Redwood Forest 3 of 3 Hiking with Dog Series

We are back in the Redwoods!
On this hike, we have taken a different route.
In some occasions off the beaten path,
Come along!

Enjoy! I hope you like it.
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Artist: Nowe
Song: Horizon

  1. Sameer Bhattacharya says:

    Excellent. ,??????. I loved it.????Keep sharing.????????????????????

  2. Richard Parker says:

    Another one of the beautiful Redwood forest video. I like this videos.

  3. Cheryl Nelson says:

    Hey, Kara does well off leash doesn't she? I love the footage you've gotten, the trees are so majestic and the sun spilling down through them….wow! I enjoyed the hike with you guys, thanks. 🙂

  4. Commander JNM says:

    I have a 3 days ago been to a Polish Park-forest and it looks very similar to this forest! 🙂

  5. Shiba Inu Haki 柴犬Haki says:

    Big fan of Kara's hiking series! It makes me feel so relaxed:)

  6. K-9 Unit Around the World says:

    Cool footage and Great music 😉 Nice hiking my Friend ! Thumbs UP! 12

  7. The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:

    Charlie your video's are so relaxing to watch ❤️????!!

  8. 1st508th Airborne says:

    Another video full of beautiful footage of that redwood forest. My favorite clip in this series of the forest was clip #2. Thanks for sharing Charlie. Like #14 🙂

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