Hollywood Sign Hike, Valentines Day Vegan Chocolate Cakes, & Gracias Madre

Hello Darlings,

This weeks vlog is another what I eat in a day. I took my family up to the Hollywood Sign and I am surprised to say my grandma made it all the way to the top. I also take you guys along to Sun Cafe, Gracias Madre, and a little preview of some vegan chocolate cakes my mom made! Hope you all had a beautiful Valentines Day full of love and happiness!!❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Love always,

  1. Delia Estrela says:

    I’m so jealous 😱 I’ve been wanting to go hike up there for so long now because the view always looks amazing in everyones vlog 😫😍

    And vegan chocolate cakes look sooo good 😱😍

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