Houseplant Haul 2018 | Unboxing Surprise

Hi everyone! I ordered some house plants online and didn’t really get quite what I was expecting….
I ordered a few plants – a moon valley pilea, string of pearls, and a monstera obliqua for my growing houseplant collection.
Check out the video to see what happened 🙂

Feel free to leave me a question or a comment.

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  1. Iram Magers says:

    I know what you are going through right now, I have gone through this so many time. I feel sorry about you.

  2. Nilza Pereira De Melo says:

    Great plants. String of pearls is absolutelly NOT a slow growing plant. You will be surprised about that. Make sure it has enough water (yet you wanna let the soil dry complitely before you water it again ), enough fertilize and light in the fall and in the winter and it will grow like crazy..l have 3 pots of those and it is a non stop growing plant….I live in the Netherlands and it is now the end of the spring, l notice that they are growing slower right now. Their growing seasom is the fall and winter. Make sure you don't miss that time by bringing them in dormancy for overwinter…l just got the string of pearls variegated. A small pot.. I am curious to see how this one will develope. I noticed that variegated Succulents grow slower than the normal ones (At least the ones l have at home)…Hope yours will grow fast and make you happy darling……Ps. I like black pots for string of pearls. They look amaaaazing in black pots. Enjoy your new ladies. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  3. Sharon Buening says:

    That’s so frustrating, I ordered $80 worth from Pernell Gerver site like 2-3 weeks ago and can’t get a answer back where they are. I’ve also heard a lot of people haven’t gotten their order either. You should share where from so people know about the crappy sites!

  4. Carol Thomson says:

    Look on Hirt’s web site. I ordered a Swiss cheese plant today and will be here by Thursday or Friday.

  5. thepkeezy says:

    What is it that you like about the Monstera Obliqua? The obliqua is very tough to find; and most of the time people actually have an adansonii that was mislabeled because they look so similar as young plants. I myself prefer the siltepecana variety which has a very beautiful adult form. Here’s an article that might interest you

  6. Nanette and her Chihuahuas says:

    Rotfl!!! Sorry but that disappointed growl was hilarious. Sorry about your plant

  7. jessica sills says:

    Steph, please make sure you contact the seller and let he or she know that you did not get all your plants… Don't let that go! if you paid money for 3 plants then you should get three plants! I feel your pain. I would be pissed too! Remember, reach out to the seller! your second plant looks really good!!! I agree, the string of pearls should have been bigger. In the meantime, happy planting!

  8. I just got a string of pearls online too, so weird lol. Mine is teeny tiny

  9. rmcandlelight says:

    I enjoyed you singing while driving to the mail box. I felt your pain when you didn't get your third plant.

  10. Given To Grow says:

    OoOoh plant mail is so exciting. I feel you. Your funny. "WTF on box WHY!?!" That would so be me. hehe Your string of Pearls will grow so fast dont you worry! Just make sure it gets lots of bright light and is BONE dry before re-watering. Mine was the size of yours and its soooo much bigger now. In two months its quadrupled in size. 🙂 Make sure to keep it in a pot just bigger than the root ball. If they are over potted they will usually get some rot. In a year it will probably be ready for that big hanging basket by itself. 🙂 Im so sorry they didnt send you one of your plants. Thats so sad. 🙁 I hope the universe rights this for you! <3

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