How To Properly Pack A Bear Canister

Get ready for your next backpacking trip by learning how to properly pack a bear canister and get tips on how to store it!

Bear canister
Large plastic storage bags
Small plastic storage bags
White tape
Marker pens
Reflective tape or paint

Remove bulky packaging from items and replace with plastic storage bag.
If you are using store-bought dehydrated meals that contain 2 servings, divide the meals into two large storage bags.
Save one of the dehydrated meal packaging to reuse during your trip.
Label each meal.
Group the meals by day into one large storage bag.
Open the bear canister and lay it on its side.
Stack the food bags in by day. Start with the last day’s food.
Layer in your snacks.
Place in your toiletries.
Place fragile items near or at the top of the canister.
Apply reflective tape or paint on the canister.
Lock canister properly.
Carry bear canister in the center of your pack.
Keep bear canister at least 100 feet from your campsite.
Avoid placing near water sources.
Place on a flat surface.

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  1. Stephanie M says:

    Remember to draw a perfect circle in the dirt with a stick or prevent a sea bear attack. IT HAS TO BE A CIRCLE!

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