I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! Today we lost 3 birds during free flying!

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  1. Stephanie Wintersky says:

    Omg when I saw chan giving water to his birds I melted like snow💜💚💙💛❤️

  2. Wiliam Was says:

    No!!!!! Hope!!! Im sure Hope will come back, like once my cat nearly got lost!

  3. Aioral says:

    Omg so so sorry I’m crying so hard I’m praying hard for these beautiful birds to return to you guys i will be praying

  4. Nina Russo says:

    I really hope you find hope. I hope that hope is very safe right now.

  5. Jungkook Is bae says:

    You’ll find them,Rudy and Bella are probably helping you find hope

  6. sloth lady live says:

    Why don't you use the GPS that's the whole reason it's on hopes back

  7. calista zebracamp says:

    Awwwwww hope they come back bc I really want more videos of him bc I love him

  8. A Random Lizzie says:

    I live in California but its really hot. I also have a bird named mari

  9. Allison is a Potter fan says:

    Wow he had a lot of birds lmao ohh I sound so stuiped

  10. Allison is a Potter fan says:

    Wait what they are still missing :0 noooooo 😭😭😭

  11. Allison is a Potter fan says:

    Just track his gps your so lucky you put it on him they probably stayed together

  12. Birb xD says:

    Don't mind the haters, you are awesome and you can take care of your birds! And poor hope and the rest of the birds 🙁 I hope you find them!

  13. Snakes Bubu says:

    I hope you find them but I think they might have gotten killed…..but hope you find hime

  14. Jillian Hays says:

    I think you should get them all a gps also why don’t you use the gps tracker

  15. aquaswirlgirl Aqua says:

    Lol my ring neck disco loves hope he screamed hope yesterday

  16. Keep making fun of my Name on here says:

    Hopefully everything is well and they return back 🙁

  17. Ellen Dunsmore says:

    I'm sorry Hope took-off again, but you had the GPS on Hope, so….????

  18. Ãŵšômè Râçhęł says:

    I hope you find him but I have a question how many birds do u have?

  19. Juan van der Berg says:

    All my prayers are with you but he will come back, he always has,hope he retrns without a scratch.

  20. Michael Jurgielski says:

    It would be awesome if hope flew away and somebody who could offer him a good home kept him LOL

  21. IT the friendly clown says:

    This lady uses her birds for views all her videos are about hope being in "danger" "people trying to steal him" "lost bird" or whatever you dont care about your birds if you did you wodent be putting them in danger. You just like showing off your bird that you can't control

  22. Olivia Schaefer says:

    🦅🕊Why did I expect there to be an emoji that looks like your bird

  23. WackyWondersWithTJ says:

    When ever I get bit by ants I put toothpaste on it or Vegemite (cause I'm an Aussie) and it stops it from stinging

  24. bloxburg films says:

    Did u find them yet? If u didn't I'm gonna cry so so so so hard!I love hope so very much he's so cute a funny! PRAY lord god that u find them!

  25. Sarah Camley says:

    This is why I dont agree with free flying especially if birds at risk

  26. Sarah Camley says:

    To those who say birds were born to be free should take a serious look at their lives if they support breeding…I rescue birds only I don't support the breeding of birds as I believe 100% birds should be free

  27. abitofwhimsie says:

    At 14.54 a hawk attacks Bruno and you say ‘there are the hawks’ very casually so maybe the hawks that are smaller, aren’t a concern? Maybe they ( I spotted two) are too small to be dangerous to these big beautiful birds? I hope your birds were found by someone and they return them to you. It’s too hot out there .

  28. Cookie Love says:

    Oh noooooo I’m scared I will prey I hope you will find the and at least you have hope on a gps🤞🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏

  29. Faithy girl says:

    Don't worry I will pray ever hour if I can awww I love e them and you, plz do a update video if you can!!!!!!! Im tearing up😖😥 I hope you find bella, hope and rudy. know I'm checking ever tree.even though I dont live near you but still you never know. Waaaaaahhhh

  30. Nilly Nilly says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t think that man wanted to steal your bird 🤣😂🤣

  31. Hi I’m Phoenix Carter says:

    I don’t agree with free flying, I’d never free fly my 3 parrots (Cookie, Thorne and Hunter) incase of anything bad happening but if u do free fly then that’s ok, as long as your birds are ok

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