Installing A Client’s Laundry Closet! | An Organizer’s Day

If you have ever been curious about some of the random things organizers do, I sometimes design and install closets for clients! I designed this Elfa Closet at the Container Store in February in the store and she purchased it. I saved her the installation fee by installing it myself in an hour. I have installed dozens of Elfa closets and you can see it’s very easy! I also installed a utility track for this client to have in her laundry closet to hang brooms and other cleaning items. I will be helping her organize her belongings when construction finishes at her condo! I also bought some groceries for the week, so I thought I’d film a quick healthy, whole foods grocery haul! We are making 4 meals from the Mealime App this week and I ordered all my groceries online from InstaCart! I hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. Dayna Seferino says:

    Hey Kay. You can take them back to WholeFoods. Tell them it was an accident πŸ˜‰

  2. toi jones says:

    Make potato soup for rehearsal tomorrow for everyone to enjoy.
    I just want clovers life… ❀️

  3. Carolyn Jones says:

    Baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, potato pudding, potato soup, potato ice cream, potato smoothies, latkas, salad. Good luck, Girlfriend! Been there done that. Mistakenly ordered two bags of arugula one day. No one likes arugula but me. And arugula only lasts a week. It was a waste, but stuff happens. Would loved to have seen a video of Clover sliding in the mud. The pictures in my head. The VLOG was great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Karen Fisher says:

    Stew, French fries, twice baked potatoes with toppings (can make in batches and freeze). Lots of options.

  5. Jean Anthony says:

    LOVE the laundry closet… N no worries on the potatoes… YESSSSSSS there is many dishes u can get out of potatoes… N u can always donate to family friends n neighbors… if that acceptable…. but enjoyed the videos… oh I forgot that's n amazing view….

  6. Another great video. I love Elfa closets, so versatile. So happy Clover is okay, I thought you were going to say he had a skinned chin and broken bones. I feel like he is my dog! LOL

  7. ding hern says:

    My kids enjoyed your video with Clover being asked if he wanted dinner, Clover eating then finally sleeping… They wanted to watch that scene several times. Clover is too cute!

  8. josephsangle says:

    I love your sweater!! Where do you shop I just love your style and taste!!

  9. a soto says:

    Clover's so quiet always. Is that a breed trait? Nice laundry closet & herbs look great. Take care.

  10. jerseygirlmillie says:

    Enjoyed watching you at a β€œjob site”! Your thumbnail pix for this video is so funny…”woman on a mission β€œ!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  11. Lashlove16 says:

    I love when you do client videos .
    Can you show us next time how you organized the closet with all the contents ?
    Also may I ask about how much the shelving system cost that you did . I know they vary on size

  12. Sammi-Jo Reviews says:

    The Organized Soprano Make some thick fries. They're soft on the inside but crispy on the outside.

  13. Lindsay Brooke says:

    You said it girl!! March is so bad in Boston! It’s like guess what?? Spring is here!! Just kidding! 😈 Haha! I love my city though. I gotta say when I’m near chestnut hill I’m gonna have to hit up that container store! I usually just go to the Cheesecake Factory! LOL! Loving the vids keep up the good work!

  14. PaineMaxwell says:

    I have a question for you. How do you get clients for your business? I've been having this problem since I started professionally organizing a couple of months ago.

  15. Jackie Marquez says:

    The closet looks so useful. Try mashed potatoes. Clover is adorable, as always. Have a great rehearsal!

  16. Jessica Young says:

    Make sliced up potatoes with butter , rosemary, a little garlic in the oven !

  17. Nicole Mallet says:

    I love your editing!! I'm definitely watching this video at least twice!

  18. Lisa Sharp says:

    Love watching your videos and you make me a bit more brave about installing ELFA for my clients! I think I’ll practice it at home first. πŸ€ͺ Your car looks super roomy (and snazzy!). Is it a Subaru?

  19. marilyn s says:

    Shred your potatoes and freeze them in freezer bags for future hash browns.

  20. Shawn and Lisa Mason says:

    My son tried Tofu for the first time he said it was not bad. Love the laundry closet. hope Clover is doing well

  21. Lolz Lelz says:

    Hi hon. How are you? You said something about heating your avocado up? May you please share how? Or did I hear you wrong? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Alice Manfrida says:

    The perils of online grocery shopping! Don't feel bad about the potatoes. Once I thought I was ordering 5 bananas but I actually ordered 5 bunches of bananas….soooo… I had a freezer full of bananas for weeks. Haha πŸ™‚

  23. Susan Mulvey says:

    Where do you get all your energy!? I guess you and Clover are a great match!!❀️🐢 I think you eat sooo healthy!! Wish I lived closer to you, I'd invite myself over!!! πŸ˜‰

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