WHAT’S UP GLAM SQUAD! ►As a lot of you guys know I have been exploring the options on me moving to Los Angeles. I think I’m about 85% leaning towards the decision but a lot of factors play a role. Including how much it will cost to move from the east coast to the west.

Once I have everything confirmed I will make an official video about what I have decided to do and “OUR” action plan. Haha you know because WE will be moving!

Of course, if you have any moving advice or tips, comment below!

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xoxo, Jayla

  1. D’Andrea Byrd says:

    I’m so confused how Jayla doesn’t have a million subscribers! I’ve literally never missed an upload on either channel for like 3 years!

  2. BOSSLADI SUGA says:

    Hi sweetie what's the name of that restaurant? I'm always looking for some place nice to go

  3. Tracey Smith says:

    What is the name of the place that you and Tyra had happy hour at it looked tasty.

  4. Relle Golden says:

    You're figuring yourself out, what is a good fit! And i'm salty you haven't used my Organic Skincare for clear natural glowing skin, but my products are about to hit mainstream soo maybe it'll fit for you? I'm a subscriber of years, since your highschool days, so it's just one of the accomplishments I'll love of you to use Beautiful Face Toner and Radiant Beautiful Facial Cleanser.. just as you succeeding as a youtuber, I am by following what I love, beauty!💝

  5. temi ayodele' says:

    You should partner with poshmark that way you can sell some of your clothes to get rid of them && you can ofcourse make some money.

  6. Naomi Amber says:

    I busted out laughing when you said you wanted a chemical peel LMAOO "I just dont got a week for my face to be looking crazy"

  7. Naturally Nae says:

    Lol Jayla is me when I bite into a fresh ass McDonald’s fry 😩😍 SN: this bob is giving me so much life 💞

  8. Really Cool Introvert says:

    Please be sure to keep all of your luxury items with you and do not allow the movers to pack or move those items for you.

  9. Ciara Parrom says:

    Hey you expire me to do makeup and go to college fashion College

  10. Mrs.Neshia says:

    Enjoyed the vlog Jayla can't wait until we move 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  11. J Washington says:

    Yes it’s expensive to move from coast to coast. I did it and it cost like over $1200 to move my car. But hey follow your dreams. The west coast is so beautiful!

  12. Jamaica Okech says:

    Please start doing lip swatch/makeup review videos more! I miss that kind of content. Congrats on the move to LA 💕

  13. Amy Foster says:

    Is Craig gonna move, too???? LOL Sometimes I gotta see Craig! I'm so happy you're moving though, I really do think you'll be happier in L.A.

  14. ClassicBeautyBabez says:

    Lol see I knew you should have just came to Cali😍omg cant wait til ur out here 😂 j can finally come to a meeting And greet And see what's in la 😂cause my ass never gets out the house 💀

  15. She Loves Them So says:

    Jayla. You crack me up sometimes. Girl, a CPAe is an account

  16. She Loves Them So says:

    I meant to say a CPA is an accountant. Certified Public Accountant is what CPA stands for.

  17. Keliah2 Beautiful says:

    I wonder how the twins feel about this? 😞..because ya'll were close as hell…

  18. Christine Croasdaile says:

    What’s is the name of that happy hour spot? The food looks great!!!

  19. Talk With Sunshine says:

    You're definitely some great motivation Jay 😍🙌🏼

  20. dnspence10 says:

    I love this bob and this natural glowy makeup for the last several vlogs honey! Yessss!

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