Jackson Falls Shawnee National Forest NICE WATERFALL

Hiking Jackson Falls in the Shawnee National Forest and seeing a very nice waterfall before returning back to the truck after this 9 mile hiking trip!

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  1. Saline Scott says:

    I forget how old my body is getting too. That was a cool water fall. How the the not come about? How did she know you were there?

  2. BillieBird Outdoors says:

    When the music started at the fall's I was expecting to see a Merman and Mermaid swimming and splashing around.

  3. AOK Foraging and Adventures says:

    Another awesome video to this series. Hate to see that this series is over but looking forward to seeing more. Thanks

  4. The Mad Nomadder says:

    Thanks for showing this! I will be in Illinois later this year, and I always look to see what I can find in the area. I'll be more near Metropolis when we go though.

  5. drewping2002 says:

    The falls were gorgeous! Looked like it would be a nice dip. When it warms up a bit of course! Fan letter was awesome too! 😁

  6. Nate Buker says:

    Dang it Shawn lift that cam up a bit! Lookin good though. I only seen Jackson in dry season. Miss the area a lot.

  7. MTRUNK 85 says:

    Hello Shawn I saw you on happy trails figure I would stop by and visit again. Thumbs up

  8. smetlogik says:

    Another really cool looking hike. Those waterfalls! 😮 That sooo cool to get a note like that after a hike. You're becoming a celeb.

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