KEEN Durand! One Year Later? Ultimate Hiking Boot!!!

I’ve had many a hiking boot over the years and I can say Hands Down the Keen Durand Hiking Boot is the Best.

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  1. Big Al says:

    I'm a keen fan too. And I am hard on footwear. They last. They work. They look decent. congrats on the new pair

  2. douglas walther says:

    Nice looking all around boot. The soles held up nice and you walk on that sharp brass casings. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sasmodog says:

    I have Ecco boots I wore for 5 straight years, and the tread was still okay. Most Ecco boots have leather insoles also so they won't get all holy and fall apart like those Keen boots.

  4. John Mckinney says:

    I like in portland oregon and their warehouse is just up from ours. great company

  5. Ambiguity says:

    Love that old school rifle, brother. Have to look into those boots. Thanks!

  6. John bellinger says:

    maybe it the camera lens but i see a Sasquatch size boot. how big are KB32. I don't think i being giving you any attitude in a disagreement. ?

  7. The Social Regressive says:

    I need to pick up pair of these. I have a buddy that backpacks with Keens and while we're fiddling with blisters and wet socks he's just standing there waiting for us to get going.

  8. rockhopper01 says:

    I picked up the Keen Pittsburgh boots for work about six months ago, and they've been awesome. I've gotta check these out, thanks!

  9. Rollin Jones says:

    Hopefully you'll never have a problem with them, because if you do they will basically tell you tough shit. Waterproof, my ass, barely water resistant. Big deal, they are made in America, how about you honor your warranty Keen ?

  10. Tallyho13 says:

    That is a heck of a price KB! I just bought the Merrill Moab Goretex, they have been the most comfortable shoe/boot I have ever worn. Only time will tell if they hold up. I'm going to check Keen's now too.

  11. rick horwat says:

    Not a fan. Okay for dayhikes but don't offer much in regards to ankle support.

    The Salomon Quest 4d 2s destroy the Durand as far as durability, comfort, so on and so forth.

    I also own multiple pair of Danner Lights, Scarpas SL M3s, LaSportiva Pamirs, Lowas, older Fabianos & Pivettas, a pair of Raichles, so on and so forth.

    The Durand is an okay light duty/light load boot but as I said not a fan when I compare them to other footwear in my arsenal.

    I actually like my Moab 2 gtx mids better than the Durands.

    Keen has tried to delve into backpacking boots with their first try being the Oregon PCT.

    I trashed them on a 70 mile solo here is SW Pa.

    That model has been moved to their work line and now called the Pittsburgh.

    Figured I would give the Durand a shot.

    Also not a fan of the raised portion of midsole that is visible in the footbed of the boot.

    Kinda screws the pooch a bit in regards to using Superfeet insoles or any other aftermarket insoles.

    Keen needs to stick with light hikers and sandals imo.

    As far as hikers in Keens lineup I think the Pyrenees is the best boot they offer.

    Get a little sweaty in warm weather with that all leather construction, membrane, and leather lining tho.

    …on a side note the Durands are great for curtting grass.

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