Landscape Photography Scotland – Winter Wildcamping in The Mamores

Out for my first landscape photography wildcamp of 2018. Due to the good yet cold weather I decided to head out to the Mamores which are a group of mountains in the Lochaber area of the Grampian Mountains in the Scottish Highlands. They form an east-west ridge approximately fifteen kilometres in length lying between Glen Nevis to the north and Loch Leven to the south.

This was my first outing with my new camera to try it out for filmmaking but have to say I still prefer my good old GoPro for ease of setup and even its quality to a point. Due to the deep snow I did not get to the location I had hoped so had to make camp a bit lower down and just managed to get some sunset shots of the winter landscape just as the sun dipped down behind the mountains.

In the morning I made a mad dash off the mountains and round to Glencoe to try and capture some sunrise images at a few locations in the area.

Although very cold it was still an amazing adventure which my film can only hint at. The views of Glencoe in winter are hard to beat and recommend you take a drive to visit if you ever have the time and chance.

I am looking forward to some more snow now, hopefully over the coming months and the opportunity to get out again for another winter wildcamp.

  1. Douglas Newlands says:

    Happy 2018 Ray. Lovely video. I did laugh at the opening section, thus henceforth you shall be know as Running Water 🙂 Loved the "farting about"……..all creativity and invention owes much to it! Take care. D.

  2. sk8ingkickers says:

    Great vid and better still, motivation for me to get out and explore more. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Mark Bowering Photography says:

    Well spotted with the frozen grass, that really made a great shot. Loved the vlog – very entertaining.

  4. Gary Gough says:

    Cracking video again. Great shots too. Especially loved the picture with the small frozen water in the foreground. Hope you’ve fully recovered. 👍🏻

  5. Barry Mcalle says:

    Great stuff mate it takes effort to do this and boy you gave it plenty of that

  6. esper outdoors says:

    great vid, and some really nice shots! def going to get a zoom lens this year!

    Also, when your in that Mamores area, its worth checking out the "ring of steel". Its only a 40min walk in from the car park, with a Great big waterfall at the end…

  7. Ben Holland says:

    Great vid, I will get to the hills at some point this year! Ps. Your desktop icons send my OCD over the edge

  8. Ginger Photographer says:

    Excellent job – nice work.. My only gripe was not seeing the images from that last location, video seemed to cut short too early!

  9. michael kerrigan says:

    Nice one Ray, looking forward to the shots of the wee frozen waterfall.👍

  10. Gavin Scott says:

    Hi Ray, great to see you getting out and taking some great videos and photos to share with us.

  11. TJK SNIPE says:

    Brilliant footage, awesome scenery, great views. Keep filming those awesome views, all the best Ray.

  12. spijkerpoes says:

    You use wild camping as a means to get you great photography done. Like me, i use it to try and spot some wildlife.. And you know how to get a good video report out, so hats off! Hope you get rid of the glitch, i didn't mind it, but when such happens to me i can get terribly moody to say the least! Cheers atb in 2018

  13. John Fox says:

    Great vid Ray, looked a bit hard going for you there. What an awesome place Glencoe is, absolutely breathtaking. The image with the frozen grass in the foreground was stunning. keep them coming mate.

  14. Crafty Veggie says:

    With views like that I can understand why you take stills. Lovely images, looked very cold! Thanks for sharing. Steve.

  15. Scotland's Mountains says:

    Nice one Ray – probably drove past you as was up SCNL at the weekend. – love the frozen grass in the “Lochan” or was that “Moor” 😉 great shot –
    Keep up the good work


  16. Jamie Burgoyne says:

    Really Excellent Ray! 👌🏻 You’re a hardy man going out in that temperature. You’re an inspiration to get out and get on with enjoying the great outdoors and photography.

  17. Kernowclimber says:

    Our sentiments exactly, Ray. Like you, we've gotten more into photography which we feel really enhances our trekking adventures. Everything is amplified when you take time to really look at the landscape, the light, the clouds… The world is a truly wonderful place through a camera lens!

  18. Loved the Buchaille shot👍. Doesn't really matter if the trip was disjointed, you got a shot to be proud of out of it.

  19. Mark Daw says:

    Have not watched one of your videos for months. Your photography has improved so much from what I remember, these shots look great, really impressive man. Keep going on this journey, you're good! The shot with the frozen grass turned out pretty well. Thanks for making these films.

  20. simon wootton says:

    Enjoy watching your adventures. Cauldron Falls is my favourite spot in Glencoe and it looked even nicer with the ice. Did you get any images from there. I tend to shout the other way using the zig zag of the falls as foreground but those rocks looked like an ice rink so maybe too risky. Keep up the good work and I wish I had your sense of adventure

  21. septormusic says:

    Hello Ray, as I was on a day off today i watched this vlog and ended up sitting watching a good few more, everything from what looked like a incredibly stiff climb up the buachaille to your tent reviews, i do enjoy the hills though I'm not a Munro bagger and like yourself i have recently taken up landscape photography. this year, at the age of 56!! i intend to introduce myself to some wild camping so that i can capture , like yourself, some nice images from around Scotland. i have Skye pencilled in for sometime before the end of march and before that a wee trip down to the Angus Glens. So i found your videos very informative with some sound advice that i will take on board and find very useful so thanks for that. i see you have moved to the a7 from your 6300, i shoot with the 6000 just now , saving to add to my lens collection and maybe next year go full frame. be nice to hear how you get on with the a7 and how you like it. Anyway all the best Ray you seem like a really nice guy so looking forward to your future vlogs and you never know i may bump into you out and about .

  22. The artefacts could be the memory card used. Either way I’d return the camera as faulty and get a replacement. What kind was it?

  23. Gareth Danks says:

    Reeeeeeally enjoyed that mate. What a location! Those pics were EPIC 😊👍🏻📷🗻

  24. Deborah Cole says:

    Enjoy your videos, the beauty and getting inspiration for our second trip to Scotland from Washington State! Thanks!!

  25. Tom Duncan says:

    Loved the shot with the frozen grass. I agree about the lack of last shot. That looks soooooo cold. Bit better here in Tasmania. Keep them up.

  26. truly scottish tv says:

    Been watching your vids for a while now, superb stuff. Would it be ok for me to share them ?

  27. David Wexelstein says:

    I could not stop laughing at the start 2.33. So glad you left that bit in. Brilliant vlog and the photographs are stunning. You have come a long way with your photography.

  28. normusarms says:

    Hello Ray, I have watched a hand full of your vlogs and enjoyed them very much.Having done most of the big stuff in Scotland I can relate to the places and the weather. I am impressed by your resolve, it must be quite an effort to keep setting up the camera and shooting shots of your progress up and down the hills. The last time I was up Scotland I did a circular walk around the tops on Arran, a bit hands on in places but very picturesque especially around Glen Sannox. Have you ever been to Arran it is often overlooked by Munroe baggers ? This is a great walk and scramble you need to take care over the Witches Step (hands on in windy conditions) and when descending through a slippery rock gulley into Glen Sannox. There are places to wild camp on top of Caisteal Abhail (once you are over the top and amongst the towers of rock stacked like sacks of grain).Bye the way, bad luck for the Six Nations, come on England! 🙂

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