Limekiln State Park: Historic Kilns & a Waterfall in Big Sur

Limekiln State Park is one of my favorites in the Big Sur area. This park has shaded trails with large redwoods that lead to a waterfall and a historic kiln. It’s a great spot to camp or to explore for a few hours.


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  1. Arbitrary Exploration says:

    This is an amazing state park! Those Kilns are impressive. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Travel Small Live Big says:

    Beautiful and beautifully done! We have driven past and it is on our list ~ just don't think we can squeeze our trailer in ~ limit says 15' and we are 18' or so. Didn't know there was a waterfall or actual kilns!

  3. Within Hiking Distance says:

    Really cool place and nice video. We are Joshua Tree NP and went to the Silver Bell Mine today. Your website had some good tips. Thanks!

  4. mcpito pito says:

    Hai i am from Holland and i am in Monterey end of april for 1 day. Nex day we go to Morro Bay..its not possble te go there all over the hwy1.. so we Wanna go to lucia and go back to Monterey and take freeway to Morro Bay…we want a hike at China cove and julia Pfeiffer burn SP to see the mcfall…. Is this still possble with al te problems on the hwy1? Tnx

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