Little Grand Canyon Hiking Trip | Shawnee National Forest

Check out my Little Grand Canyon Hiking Trip in the Shawnee National Forest. This 3-mile loop offers plenty of #BLUFFAGE, waterfalls, forest and amazing sights. Like my Little Grand Canyon Hiking Trip if you want to see more videos like it.

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  1. Nate Buker says:

    This was on my list when I first came to the Shawnee. I never made it. Thanks for the shout! Pretty cool!

  2. Hike with Mike says:

    what a cool place to hike… have so many unique places to explore in your area…just awesome!

  3. Mama's Basecamp says:

    Nice hiking videos on your channel. How is the backpacking in Shawnee? Is it by designated campsite areas, or can one camp anywhere off trail? Thanks for making great videos! Subscribed.

  4. Couch2Trail YouTube Channel says:

    Haha I dig the #BLUFFAGE! Not a big fan of graffiti tho. That's a shame. This must have been a springtime hike, judging by the greenery, insect noises, frogs and tadpoles. Those trail runners are crazy, I'd be broken if I tried that haha! Looks like a great little hike!

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