Lycan Shepherd Ulu & Pack in Frozen Wetland (3/4)

Footage from my 14Apr18 hike during a snowstorm through the Crosby wetlands in the Mississippi River valley. With me are my 11 month old Lycan Shepherd Ulu, Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Shepherd Lobo. (Part 3 of 4)

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  1. gary smallwood says:

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  2. Marlene Platcek says:

    Great little falls, and Happy Pack of Dogs, yup the best time to walk when it's cold, nobody else is out, thankyou for sharing the video

  3. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    WOW!! Only 1 month on record that has never had snowfall!!??!! I’m living too far south!! Great hike!! I gotta start working less so I’ll have more time for hiking/getting back out in nature. Plus hiking with the dog makes for GREAT YouTube videos!!!

  4. Tangala lynn Buchholz says:

    PT lady told me to keep moving. LOL you are in a wheelchair but not dead. She and you are right feel better when i move. Beautiful hike as always. Have a great weekend. Lobo, Kurgan and Ulu cuties. HUGS😍🐾❄🐺☕🇺🇸🙏❤💜

  5. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    I’m curious, do you record these videos on your phone with the screen side camera (seeing yourself as you talk into the camera) or the back side camera??

  6. Celia Huggins says:

    Thanks for the walk. I can't believe that it could snow that much. wow. I love snow and cold. You are true survivor. Keep going strong.

  7. beckderm says:

    Minnesnowta. Love it here.
    Walking a German Shepherd & Maine Coon in near future. Yes Coons are know to be very dog like.

  8. Dalton the GSD says:

    What a beautiful hike. I love seeing your dog's crisis crossing in the snow!

  9. K9Rex and Mads says:

    Wonderful hike again Brormand, yes being a animal warden can be dodgy, broken ankle, horse kicks, dog bites. and getting chased by Bison can get hectic lol. Thumbs up on vid nr 38 and have a great weekend to you all from us on Bornholm. Btw the pack looks awesome. Skål

  10. The Dro says:

    Have you upgraded the galaxy yet? I just got the s9 and the new features are pretty great. I love that your videos are so much clearer now than they were when we first started talking! And congrats on having over 25k subs now!

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