Lycan Shepherd Ulu & Pack in Frozen Wetland (4/4)

Footage from my 14Apr18 hike during a snowstorm through the Crosby wetlands in the Mississippi River valley. With me are my 11 month old Lycan Shepherd Ulu, Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Shepherd Lobo. (Part 4 of 4)

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  1. Rebar07 says:

    Can’t wait for this breed to be ready for others to own. Beautiful dogs. What’s the next step in the breeding process?

  2. Yhea! I finally had a glimpse of the eagles! That was awesome! BTW thanks for the pep talk. I sure needed that today.

  3. ThaDaow Rice says:

    wise words bud, i always find great wisdom walking in the deep woods

  4. Leo& Taro says:

    Watching your video is lots of fun for me. It’s getting hotter day by day in Japan. Your video and Instagram make me cool and comfortable.

  5. Joooey Joooey says:

    Cool vids, kinda newish to the channel , saw a video one day and subscribed, stay strong and awesome dogs

  6. Heather McKenzie says:

    I like how the sheppard always waits for you so loyal as i am sure they all are It's just beautiful to see them having fun in the snow, the other two are like "he's got this" and run forward

  7. Highlight Films says:

    Love seeing your blue bay shepherd hunt in the snow The snow on their fur is so pretty Great video Hopefully they ended up catching something on the hike Love your big dogs Great work

  8. R1_Rebe1 says:


  9. K9Rex and Mads says:

    Action gives results, great saying. those eagles are a wow factor. love watching eagles. That accident you had sounds terrible, lucky to be alive, dam drunk drivers hit and run. But the viking in you told you never to give up and fight the injurys. Great vid Chad like nr 29. Skål fra Bornholm.

  10. Richard Parker says:

    An impressive thumb nail!!!
    Your wolf pack looks good!
    What kind of an eagle species live there by the river?

  11. Charlie WhatThe? Paranormal Prepper says:

    Great video man. I was beginning to wonder if January was ever going to end. It was bitter cold all the way up until yesterday. I'm glad you don't let your back stop you, mine slows me down, but does not stop me. Loving the pups mate.

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