Mama Bear Sneaks Into Pool With Cubs | The Dodo

Mama Bear Sneaks Into Pool With Cubs | This bear mom just made her kids’ day

Footage provided by ViralHog: (

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  1. ruby o says:

    bears go to humans backyard searching for food, but since they cant find nothing ….lol

  2. A Knight that says Nee says:

    Video was much too short!!! I wanted to watch the noodle fight!

  3. Celinne Jansson says:

    You try to bring the kids somewhere and they get distracted by everything.
    Welcome to parenthood

  4. what me worry says:

    I know this is cute but it's realise that bears come this close because their environment it being destroyed by housing development made too close to their sanctuary….

  5. Chrissy Graves says:

    The last bit is very funny!! He bears sneak into someone else’s pool and then sneak back to their home LOL that’s cute! I 💚 🐻

  6. Elvis Johnson says:

    This is cute and funny! I think I'd be afraid To play with them, but I like it.💝😀

  7. maddie the great says:

    This is hilarious!! So cute how the cubs kept getting distracted!

  8. Kota Boy PuppiesRule#1 says:

    😍 TOO CUTE!!!! ❤️ Now that’s a Pool Party!!!!

    God Bless from Georgia 🇺🇸

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