MGTOW- Shtf Survival Guide and Helpful End of the World Gear

Shtf and Prepper Survival Guide and Helpful End of the World Gear

12 L water filter Lifestraw (can filter 1 gallon of water for 13 years if used everyday):

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife:

Storable foods:

Osprey Atmos AG 65 (anti-gravity pack):

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boots: & (not optional) Replacement Insoles for boots:

Bushcraft 101 (best selling book):


  1. luvsmyman100x says:

    I like your knife that has a fire starter on it. I want one for my birthday now.

  2. Ant Poo says:

    North Korea is a basket case of a country. The whole thing is a smokescreen to force China to war. The falling hegemon always strikes the rising empire before it reaches the critical point at which point victory no longer becomes a certainty. This is Clausewitz , and there are no known exceptions in history.

  3. Alexander Thomson says:

    Spot on counsel all round, brother. One top-end reliable solution for each survival need, no arsing about with endless backups and alternatives, and self-reliant common sense above all.


    Flyer 230, “The Most Damning Fact about Femaliens”
      This flyer claims the fact that women have 10% smaller brains in volume
    is devastating for women. It means they have 10% smaller neural processing
    capacity than men, hence are unable to do things that men can. Women invent
    almost nothing, build almost nothing, create almost nothing, yet expect to be
    treated with equal respect as men, by men. This is delusional on the part of
    the feminazis who need to be put in their place. Masculists can hurl this neuroscience
    fact at the feminazis with devastating effect, due to its enormous ideological
    power.  (230 videos)  (150+ videos)

  5. WeatherlessWorld says:

    Ive never seen a group of men live on their own and still act accordingly when they come across a female lol If you cant get along with females now, you never will. I suggest watching Demcad "The future of men and women" as an alternative to videos which support the division of our society……

  6. Gary Bentlage says:

    I don't want to be here when it happens. people are only going to look after themselves pretty much,sorry to say it!!!

  7. eQuariuz says:

    Wouldn't it be cool if a decent group of men got together and built a society in a moderate weather location. I mean where they can exchange value and so on. I would build the communications infrastructure with some help. Not sure if this would be possible though because so many people are shit.

  8. Trinitrophenylnitramine says:

    It makes sense just to expat while all this shit is happening. But that requires savings & monthly income, which not everyone have. S.E Asia is what I recommend.

  9. Black OGJesus says:

    When SHTF women will desperately cling to Anyone regardless what they look like, and how much $ they make but it's too late for that sweet heart you had your chance probably hundreds or thousands of chances depending on your looks, You will perish men are done wit you women aren't capable enough to survive on their own specially if it is a Crisis. Thx for these tips and good guides bro some nice information to know cuz u never know whats gonna happen in the Future, You da man.

  10. Rebel Nomad says:

    Here's a couple of stealth tactics that have proven useful here in "gun free" Australia. A friend of mine who is a gunsmith has made what appears like a two-piece extension handle for his car jack but is in reality a single-shot 12 gauge slam fire. It has heavy knurling on the outside of the tubes for grip plus flared "washers" that sit behind and in front of your hands. You need to hold this beast tight but it does work and it looks just like an extension handle for the jack. He actually stores it next to the jack to complete the illusion. I'm getting a smaller 410 gauge one made soon. 410's can be quite lethal when the ends are opened up and hot candle wax is dripped in around the pellets making a rather nasty solid slug. Another handy modification around the use of sling shots is frozen grapes. They're great for cats and crows because they thaw soon after use and no one can use a sloppy grape for evidence of a factual feline felony. When men want weapons we usually find a way..

  11. Hans Crotchfelt says:

    Women, manginas and white knights will be magnitudes worse in the shtf scenario. I believe you are correct about getting as far from other people as possible.

  12. Counter their Sabotage and Subterfuge says:

    in a SHTF situation women will be back to selling their p*ssy to men for safety and resources. idk tho, i kind of want to watch her get mauled by a bear or raider….

  13. Air Gin says:


    ALSO A FULLY SILENCED AND SUPRESSED WEAPON >> Maybe that 22lr that you talk about but modified to be fully fully silent. The reason is because you are going to want to hunt close to other people AND maybe shoot locks open, etc. etc.

  14. RICO1 ART says:


  15. MGTOW Thoughts says:

    Great video. I think I will be following your lead on a lot of this advice. This kind of a talk has to be a foreign language to women. It is truly hilarious that they don't know the value a man can provide them in a shtf scenario or a time of crisis. They should make a tv show where they cut off power to single mom's households (section 8 housing) and see what they end up doing hahaha man that would be funny.

  16. ҡγƝƝɖƦ3ɖɖ • ՏγƝƝ3 says:

    My Basic 5 C's for camping – Cordage, Cutting tool(s) ,Cover (w /shelter), Metal Container (FOR BOILING WATER etc.) and Combustion items (for starting campfire) – also I'd ADD a FIRST AID // TRAUMA KIT. For SHTF conditions I would have to add Heirloom seeds, survival shovel, clothing, sailing needles w/ threads, Guns, ammo, fish and trapping kit ,hygiene kit, orientation device w/ MAPS, small barter items ( NO DRINKING ALCOHOLS or SPIRITS) in heavy-duty medium bag! AS FOR storable foods it depends on the conditions (I would try not to cook IF POSSIBLE… IT CREATE SMELLS AND SHALL DRAW THE UNPREPARED TO ONES LOCATION).

  17. Kevin Shapiro says:

    Check out the x22 backpacker takedown 10/22 in particular the tactical solutions version with the threaded barrel. It is pretty much the ultimate .22 caliber survival/shtf rifle pretty expensive but worth the money I think. I'm more of an ak guy myself but I live in America so we can pretty much have anything here (for now:( sigh).

  18. Fun Box says:

    One of the best sayings I’ve heard. “We are 9 meals away from anarchy”. All wars are bankers wars, no war in history is organic. They are all manufactured. The world is a stage!

  19. Yegor Himself says:

    A motorcycle would be better since all of the roads will be clogged, that way you can split lanes.
    Other things: tarp, sleeping pad, wool socks, leather gloves, hatchet, magnifying glass, pain killers, antibiotics, comfort food, book, down quilt, coffee, alcohol, wire for traps, fishing net, foam pad to sit on, binoculars, flash light, 1 liter metal cup, zip lock bags to keep your thing dry, camo net.

  20. Black Knight MGTOW Monk says:

    All MGTOW should be prepared for anything. As our philosophy spreads and we act on that philosophy we can expect to be targeted by the powers that be.

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