Mountaineer Mall, Morgantown, WV – Mallsoleum for 70’s and 80’s Retail – Expedition Log # 19

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The 19th episode of the Expedition Log Series is a tour of the Mountaineer Mall in Monongalia County, Morgantown, West Virginia. The aesthetic language of this mall is steeped in the 70’s, and has not been touched or renovated since the mid 80’s. Preserved within its pristine walls, this mall is a Catafalque…holding the remains of 70’s and 80’s consumerism. I consider this mall a “Mallsoleum”.

Claude Debussy
Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
Chungking Mansions
–used with the artist’s permission–

  1. I had some audio issues, so I needed to pull the first version! Thanks for the patience everyone, and this is the final version!

  2. FATshadow says:

    I was just in that building last week. Well done Sal. Enjoyed the lesson.

  3. Sheldon Goff says:

    I have not been in there for years. Nice to see how clean it still is.
    When I was growing up this was THE mall, and where back to school, Christmas shopping and so on was done.
    It could get quite crowded, and like many other things that you remember from childhood, it seemed so much bigger then.
    Very well done video.

  4. robin stripling says:

    Hometown Hot Dogs moved in a few years back, Kids Kingdom is no longer there. Yes you could go from Walmart straight into the Mall.

  5. Richard Bolyard says:

    I live near this mall!!!! Been there many times when I was younger.

  6. Melissa Fullerton says:

    I don't live too far from here. Just a few minutes south on I79 and you hit Fairmont which has the Middletown mall. It's in pretty bad shape but is under new ownership and there are plans to revamp/revitalize it.

  7. Jenn Smith says:

    Great video! I remember when the mall was the only place to go besides downtown. I wish I could remember the name of the record store. Thanks for sharing this, brings back some wonderful memories.

  8. Eers Link says:

    Geesh. I spent a chunk of my childhood at this mall. Gabe's was fantastic!

  9. Spurious Effect says:

    The Middletown Mall, which opened in 1969, was also a thriving mall at the time. It was only 20 miles away, and was the first mall in West Virginia. That's where everyone from Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg shopped until the Mountaineer Mall opened. Even after the Medowbrook Mall opened in 1982 in Clarksburg, the Middletown Mall hung on for another decade or so before going down hill. It still has a few businesses, but is mostly FBI offices now.

  10. Alex 666 says:

    I live near Morgantown and I’ve never been there. I didn’t even know that mall existed

  11. amber black says:

    Great great video! You should head to Cincinnati and check out Cincinnati mills in the Fairfield area. Very desolate mall but the architect is so unique and they spent millions of dollars in the early 2000s trying to update it to no prevail. What’s even crazier that mall was opened in 1988.

  12. james shaffer says:

    don't remember the "lums" name for the restaurant, the name escapes me, never ate there though

  13. sharon thorne says:

    You made no mention of Morgantown Dance Studio which occupies 3 or more store areas and has been there for years.

  14. sharon thorne says:

    You made no mention of Morgantown Dance Studio which occupies 3 or more srore areas and has been there for years.

  15. Brian Lastname says:

    Very cool video
    I had a lot of memories at that mall. I remember when they remodeled that mall and at that time, there were 4 coal mines in Morgantown that employed a lot of miners that made good money and that mall was packed. On the 4th of July, they would set off fireworks on the hill and you never had a bad view since that mall sat up there on the hill. Great times there as a kid.

  16. Carolyn Springman says:

    Sheesh I am a senior at wvu and never knew this mall existed

  17. Aaron S says:

    I enjoyed your video; it brought back lots of memories. however, you could always access the mall through Walmart. They may have originally wanted to deny their customers that, but they never did.

  18. I can remember when this was the place to go. I used to live just over the hill from there. Thank you. This really brought back some memories of my childhood.

  19. Jon Hebb says:

    1) Walmart did have an interior entrance… not sure where you got your info that they didn't…
    2) The interior of the mall being open & clean has nothing to do with the senior center being open… in fact, the senior center recently downsized significantly (I'd estimate by 40-50% of their square footage). The guy in charge of maintenance is old school and a clean freak – he takes a lot of pride in how much his floors shine lol. The interior of the mall continues to stay open for the benefits of businesses that don't have an outside entrance (the majority of them) …like my business.

  20. Rune Greenfield says:

    I live here and 1. Allot of this is off. 2. Who the fuck cares about our mall lmao

  21. Mark Shepard says:

    some of your info is mixed up, walmart had an exterior entrance, for instance. mostly correct though, good job in this.

  22. digital druglord says:

    I’ve lived in morgantown my whole life, never been in this mall. i’ve been in the parking lot though! you can even see my dance studio from it. never thought this mall was too special, this video gave me a new perspective on it. i might have to go in sometime soon. p.s. everyone that’s been in there i know always says the hot dog shop is dope.

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