Mt Kailash and the Walk around the Sacred Mountain – in 4K

In September 2015 I made my third walk around Mt Kailash in Tibet. On this trip I took a GoPro mounted on a gimbal. In 25 minutes I offer highlights of the trip and a few reflections of how things have changed in the last 10 years in Tibet.
I have always traveled to Tibet and Mount Kailash with On that site you can read many details about the trip–gear to take, the best time of year to go (anytime during the season), and more.
If you are curious, you can read about my earlier trips and see stills at
I would be happy to return to Mt Kailash to act as a guide/advisor/comforter etc. If anyone there can organize ten people to go with Snow Jewel, I can come for free.

  1. Michael Mallal says:

    Spiti, Ladak where HH Dalai Lama visited looks very beautiful.

  2. I am Ophirian says:

    Please watch The God Culture videos Sir so you would know where is the real Garden of Eden, the land of gold, bdellium and Onyx stone. Thank you. I enjoy watching your video.

  3. Aswani Chauhan says:

    Thanks from bottom of heart, I am devotee of shiva yet I am pragmatic though I found Shiva as energy and you can feel right in your forehead when you meditate … Stay blessed

  4. Raviteja Gandikota says:

    Thank you Sir for sharing the video with us. It is really invaluable to the rest of us looking forward to this pilgrimage.

  5. lmwrt says:

    Being whole with mother nature. Awesome video. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  6. ARK COMPU TECH says:

    thank you….may i know the travels name which u had traveld ?

  7. Om namah Shivaya, I undertook this yatra in 2017. I have shared my experience on ( which can prove as a helpful guide to all those who wish to take this yatra

  8. sudhakarsg says:

    You are blessed and under his grace, I was lucky to have completed my second trip to Kailash and my first Kora this 23rd May 2018, Hope to meet you in my next trip !!!!

  9. jumpfer Joy says:

    Thank you very much for creating this video and sharing. Although I am not a follower of any religion, your warmth of the whole experience came across beautifully. The images and film, some would see as bleak, to me had the feeling of a natural cathedral. Thank you again. Mark

  10. Wayne Eldridge says:

    Tom, watching this was absolutely compelling, it is now something I am inspired to do… thank you!

  11. Mira Desai says:

    Thank you! This was so beautiful! You were blessed to be able to do '"Charansparsh" when you went up to the highest point. Thank you specially for that. I was too winded at Deraphuk to even try going up … maybe next trip or next lifetime. Om Namah Shivay!

  12. Syndicator says:

    You went there to go on this journey alone? People typically go in groups?

  13. paul starr says:

    Wow. Ones mans personal Journey is another man’s personal nightmare Boring as hell

  14. shriram hegde says:

    Mount kailash ,abode of lord Shiva is a pineal gland of this planet…

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