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Dave Mullican is truly living a special life. He is one of very few people to have survived an all out Mountain Lion attack.

Dave and his Belgian Malinois Kaos were on a mind clearing hike in the San Bernadino National Forest. With little or no people around Kaos was off leash and walking ahead of Dave. As he was about to exit a bottle neck in the trail, Dave heard a sound, before he could fully turn around, he was attacked by a Mountain Lion. With complete honesty, Dave admits that he fell to the ground and screamed like a girl. Luckily for Dave, Kaos is about that life. Before the lion could get in a second bite the lion was attacked by the sixty five pound Belgian Malinois. The lion and the dog fought a spirited battle… watch the video to know who came out on top.

  1. James Paolilli says:

    That cat would of been eating fucking rocks. I would of been fighting with my dog. I have had my finger and my hand peeled back. You could of been reassured I would of been fighting like a fucking mad man . I can understand you being so fucking skinny.. you should of help attack that cat. I have to say you are not up for the task

  2. Donald Baker says:

    We humans seem to think we're at the top of the food chain but of course we are not. Without our guns we're as helpless as a bunny rabbit when up against a mt. lion or most wild animals half our size. By the way your dog would have been easy prey for that cat if the fight had gone on for long. Glad you made it please don't have a hard on for Mt. Lions now.

  3. 0zero0 -_- says:

    I would have threw a rock at that shit while it was in the tree 😂😂

  4. lily distler says:

    belgian malinois are certainly a force to be reckoned with. they’re even used to hunt poachers in africa.

  5. Scott Walker says:

    Dogs are fearless, you were absolutely shitting yourself and I would have been too.

  6. Mickey Joyce says:

    Pathetic not trying to save his dog. I only feel anger from this video

  7. Mike's Man Cave says:

    I call BS, even a normal tabby house cat inflicts serious damage to a dog that size, in a 2 minute battle that dog would have been shredded to mince meat. Real story would more likely be he was out hiking, the mountain lion went up a tree because they generally avoid people, or he spotted the mountain lion up a tree and decided he would make up a good story….

  8. Patrick k says:

    The dog would not stand a chance against a full grown wolf. Do not encourage the battle.

  9. Ronald Lamont says:

    Great story! Glad you and Chaos came out Ok! Another reason to love dogs!!

  10. kurt santos says:

    Proof other then you saying it. Yeah I killed a shark with one hand.

  11. Well you're in it's habitat and space so stop taking the moral high ground.

  12. Įntøxîçåtēd Dûçk says:

    Wow.Thats simply amazing.Ive never owned a Belgian malinois,but I know a fair bit about the breed.They are very smart,and yours especially is great.I own a redbone coonhound which is bred for this sorta thing,treeing animals,but your dog isn’t bred for that and still did it to protect you.Just wow.Much Love.

  13. Chase Kuaea says:

    This goes to show its not about the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Good story.

  14. Jery Pearson says:

    Awesome story ,that is truly mans best friend ,that guy would have met his maker that day without his best friend there ,very good dog….

  15. Faylene Downs says:

    Hi Dave. Incredible how your dog, Kaos, the Malinois, saved both your lives! Kudos to Kaos! What if, he hadn't been trained?What if, he was just a house dog? I'm glad you weren't hurt bad, more so scared/in shock. Thank you for sharing your story. What other kind of dogs do you have that could have came along with you, instead of Kaos? Interesting…

  16. dave nc says:

    50 or 60 lb young cat is not killing grown man, he was trying to make story better than it was

  17. Brokengamezone says:

    biggest mistake was turning your back towards the lion they see that as an opportunity and you should have left facing the lion walking backwards asap there could have been another Lion with him then you would have been completely fucked only reason you got out alive was because your dog had a collar and it was a sneak attack if the situation been different and it went after the dog first you would have been dead that's why you should always carry when going out into areas where wildlife lives fucking stupid

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