My Fern Collection | House Plants 2018

Hey everyone, here’s a look at all of my ferns! I thought this might be helpful for anyone interested in getting some, or finding out which are easy vs hard to care for.

Feel free to leave me a question or a comment.

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  1. April Battern says:

    One of your smoke detectors is low on batteries. Once you replace them, it will stop. Those alarms are the worst!

  2. Nanette and her Chihuahuas says:

    Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The batteries maybe low

  3. youwerewild says:

    Try moving the fern that's yellowing into more indirect light. Direct light can make their leaves turn yellow.

  4. Laura Mikelson says:

    I made the mistake of not weakening the fertilizer on one of my ferns and I think it kind of fried the leaves.

  5. JACCI SHER says:

    If you have a digital kettle. The beeping might be coming from there. Mine does that and it took a while to find out where the beeping was coming from too

  6. stephanie skye says:

    You are the cutest… Love your plant vids…I love plants also just don't know much about them..keep the plant shows comimg

  7. rmcandlelight says:

    You are so funny 😁. I love ferns too. The only ones do well in my house and I keep them in my bathroom window and they get indirect light. Rabbit foot fern and lemon button fern. They like the humidity from the shower. I wish YouTube would let us all share pictures. I also have the different types of bird nest ferns. One of my favorites to is the Silver leaf fern. I found one similar to it but the leaves are wider and it doesn't have the silver in the leaves it's all green. The ones that are the most finicky for me is the maiden hair ones. I put them outside and they love it out there lots of rain and humidity in Florida. I also have the one you got in the green pot the shiny one. It too does best outside for me. Ferns love humidity.

  8. whypk says:

    Sometimes you do everything right and a plant just doesn’t want to cooperate, haha! My bathroom is my last ditch effort of when I feel I’ve exhausted all options with my tropical plants. I stop watering (until it’s dry and needed) and I leave the light on 24/7. So far, it’s worked out for most of my dying plants. I currently have a Calathea who is being stubborn in there now with new growth poking through the soil. I don’t know what it is? Maybe it’s the lighting, that familiar flourescent looking glow and being a store bought plant? The added humidity from my daily showering? Who knows? It’s just what I do when I’ve tried everything.

  9. Crystal Frager says:

    Nice fern collection. You should definitely prune them and get rid of any dead leaves from your ferns when you see them right away. Keep the soil moist. Lightly most You will start to see new growth. Use a humidity tray w/ pebbles and water. You will see a difference. I have a Rosy Maidenhair Fern. I also got a plant bulb.

    That beeping could be your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector telling you to change the battery. Hope this is helpful. 😊

  10. Sam Greenslyfox says:

    Hey there lady! Let me know if you’d wanna do a collab!? 🙂 🌿🌿🌿

  11. Oma Am says:

    Hi, button n lemon button, no more water give more sunlight, indirect. Water when almost dry.

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