My Fishing Backpack Review Mubasel Gear Storage Bag

I purchase this backpack many months ago and it’s been a great addition to my filming and fishing equipment. In this video I take time to review this product and highlight how I used the various compartments for storage, what tackle and gear I use it for.

The pack is from Mubasel Gear and has actually held up really well with all of the fishing adventures I’ve taken it on. There’s one thing that has really bugged me about this product though. The seller on Amazon originally stated in the title of the description that the backpack was waterproof. Well, it’s not. That was one of the major reasons I bought it. I haul around some camera gear and usually have my cell phone with me too. I wanted the storage bag to be waterproof to protect these electronic device while fishing. Since discovering this glitch in the product I’ve been putting some things in large zip lock bags to keep them from getting wet.

Backpack – Lightweight Packable Backpacks for Travel Hiking – Daypack for Women Men:

I’d recommend getting this pack if it doesn’t matter if the contents get wet. Otherwise, don’t purchase this one because I assure you will be disappointed.

  1. KadenPlaysVideoGames says:

    Great video once again got my sub and let me say I live on the water so my poles and tackle sit outside and like the salty air eats them alive I used have a backpack as well and I left to CO for 6 months came back and could not zip a single pocket open because the zippers were stuck and then go inside and all my lures jig heads and hooks where so rusted I could snap them with my hands so I switched to water sealed containers and I put the containers in a 40l try bag and never rusted since but I leave my stuff down stairs in a shed so the salt gets to em good video man came across you're channel and I'm enjoying it.

  2. 4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

    Got room for one more sinker at least? Lmao awesome backpack brother and awesome review

  3. The life of a fly fisherman says:

    That is an awesome pack I don’t understand why they don’t just make everything waterproof

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