My PCT Thruhike / Backpacking Water System

I made a short 3 mins video about my water system, how I carry and drink water on the trail. I found it simple and convenient for my hiking trips. Hope you find it helpful. Happy trails!

How to clean Sawyer Squeeze Filter:

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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter:

Platypus Drinking Tube:

Camera I use: Sony RX100 IV



  1. Kanzee says:

    nicely done….love that your willing to share your great experience with us ..Happy new Year YingTan. 🎈 💥 🎊🎉

  2. Leo YERMO Adam says:

    As always. Excellent, usable, INFORMATION. Once again I say thank you. THANK YOU.

  3. Hikes with Mike Thorne says:

    Yeah you made another video I’m starting the Oregon coast trail today with a friend so glad I got to watch your video first before I left

  4. Richard Smith says:

    Water bottles way better cheap and easy to replace as you say. I find more easy keep clean as well. 🙂

  5. Eric Bost says:

    Great video. Those water bottles are also great for taking showers and for portable bidets.

  6. Gabi1342 says:

    I had a Camelbak bladder for many years, but I didn't like using it on hikes or bike trips. It was difficult to keep it clean and hygienic… I prefere water bottles. As for me, weight doesn't matter that much, I have several types of Nalgene bottles (because I can use them many times and don't have all that plastic waste).

  7. Dave Nelson says:

    This is just what I was looking for.  The expensive bladders you can buy for backpacks are such a pain and every one I have used leaked within 6 months.   Now I'll just buy a new Smartwater bottle every once in awhile!  Cheap and useful!   Thanks for another great video!!!

  8. Leanne Scott says:

    Using a drinking tube, with a BOTTLE rather than a bladder is BRILLIANT. What a great idea Turtle! I had my mind set on a bladder with tube, and back up 1 liter bottles, but now, I'd rather just save the weight and use your system. Did you ever have problems with water leaking from the bottle when you flipped them upside down?

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