Opening Ceremony Sample Sale + Plant Shopping

What I’m Wearing:
Balenciaga Ceinture Boots- (50% off used)
Zella Leggings:

Similar Culottes:
JW Anderson Cylinder Ballet Heels:
Grommet Belt:
Givenchy Mini Antigona:

First Aid Beauty Radiance Moisturizer(50% off!!):
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation:
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer:
Beauty Blender:
Covergirl Full Lash Bloom:
Glossier Balm Dot Com:
Le Labo Noir:

Get $40 off your first month of ClassPass:
Get $40 off your first Airbnb stay:
Get $7 off Seamless Food Delivery:

Main Channel:

My Website:

I sell my old clothes, accessories + home decor on depop: @kaileemckenzie

Instagram: @kaileemckenzie
Twitter: @kaileemckenzie
Soundcloud: kaileemckenzie
Spotify: kaileemckenzie
Snapchat: kailee-mckenzie

  1. Elisenda Domènech Porres says:

    I dyed my hair black recently how often do you do your roots? And whats your natural hair colour?
    Cheers x

  2. Tiarah Flowers says:

    Love your vlogs and personality!! Can't believe your taking 7 classes this semester… good luck. Also hoodie are you wearing at the beginning of the video??

  3. Tamara Vukovic says:

    You're one of the only youtubers I've been subscribed to for years that's actually stayed active and I'm so glad <3

  4. Andjela Bursac says:

    I used to use the kat von d concealer but tartes shape tape is sooo much better, def recommend!

  5. Katlin P says:

    Yeah… I want to be different and offer you something unique to try. but the shape tape concealer changed my life.

  6. grace marshall says:

    The tarte shape is alright, I find that it gets cakey and dry rlly easy so it's a toss up depending on your skin

  7. Stephanie K says:

    The amount of times you've been uploading within these past few days has been absolutely amazing! Keep up the wonderful work with everything as always , Kailee! Have a lovely day!??

  8. Madeline Redell says:

    the maybelline fit me concealer is really nice and its a dupe for the nars creamy concealer!! plus its only like 4 dollars

  9. drugstore foundations: maybelline fit me, revlon color stay! drugstore concealers: maybelline fit me, rimmell match perfection & maybeleine master conceal

  10. Roxana Alexandra says:

    You should get the breaker box checked asap. They make noise when there's an electrical problem. If a particular circuit has too much electricity running through it but the breaker doesn't trip, the wires will heat up and can eventually cause an electrical fire.

  11. zoe s. g. says:

    i love when you ask questions in a video for us to answer and talk about in the comments, you should keep trying to do that in the vlogs x

  12. zoe s. g. says:

    your hair is everything i want but mines 10x thicker and could never be forced into a cute pony like that

  13. juicyrush10 says:

    its so funny how we all want what we don't have! I have jet black hair and would kill to have my hair grow out a light brown! but thankful and we should just work with what we got ya know

  14. Lauren Staveley says:

    Kailee you should totally try the Age Beautiful products. They have a set of hair dyes with melanin in so you don't get a harsh line when your hair grows out, instead it fades and it lasts 6-8 weeks. They also do a really good root touch up spray if you ever wanted to use it 🙂 I work at Sally's in the UK but I know you have that store in the US, it's also called Salon Services over there I think. (They have an online store too)

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