Osprey Exos vs Levity – Which Backpack to get?

A while ago I reviewed the Osprey Levity, and since then the 2018 Versions of the Osprey Exos (for Men) and Eja (for Women) have arrived. Reason enough to head into the Gear Dungeon and take a good, close look at what is different between these backpacks! Enjoy the video and if you got questions – ask in the comments =)

Disclosure: I got the backpacks for free from Osprey. As you know: I’m keepin’ it real and tell you how it is – I maintain full editorial control of the content published on this channel.

In North America order your Osprey packs at (Exos), (Eja) or (Levity).

In Europe buy your Osprey packs at (Exos), (Eja) or (Levity).

Main Camera and Lenses:
Sony a65000:
Sigma 16 mm f/ 1.4:
Zeiss Batis 18mm f/ 2.8:
Sony G-Master 24-70mm f/ 2.8:
RØDE VideoMic Pro+:

B-Roll and Minimal Setup:
Sony RX100 IV:
GoPro Hero Session:

My Drone:
DJI Mavic Pro:

The Overlooked-but-really-needed-Stuff:
Joby GorillaPod SLR Kit:
Cullman Mundo 522 TC Tripod:
Manfrotto 755CX3 Tripod:
Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head:
Rhino Slider:

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Music: Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. Dennis Eriksson says:

    Good movie. I have the old Exos 58 and it is absolutely perfect for that price. The new Exos seems to have a clear improvement on the mesh pockets with fabric reinforcement, making it even better and a little more durable.
    I can imagine that the majority of buyers choose Exos with their more features and significantly lower prices. It's expensive saving of a few grams of a bag that, after all, has some limitations.

  2. Carlos Rivas says:

    Hi hendrick Could you tell us how much the exos lid weights separately??

  3. Rick Peterson says:

    I love the Exos packs, they are so comfortable to wear. I've had to purchase 3 of the previous Exos 58 model though, due mainly to wear on external pockets. Always the first thing to go is the hip belt pockets and the side and rear stretch mesh pockets. They are very susceptible to being ripped, or getting holes, when hiking in dense Australian or New Zealand forest. I sew them up again and again until they just don't hold stuff any longer. Looks like Osprey have addressed the pocket issues by removing the hip belt pockets entirely. It also looks like less of the stretchy mesh fabric is used in the side and rear pockets. Look forward to seeing your detailed review.

  4. Philchx says:

    Hi Hendrik, nice video, and very good review! I've got the Exos 48 and I going to use it for my next trekk in Portugal, I need your advices regarding the length of the torso I'm really between two sizes, M & L, my torso is almost 52 and the max for the medium size is 53…help me!!!!! the problem is that my belt is almost at the max on the L but the suspending system is a bit longer but more confortable for my shoulders…thanks for your answer, Phil from France

  5. Jarank Pullang says:

    Hi hendrik, good video and good review. I want to ask a question. which one is better between exos and levity for ultralight backpacking? Thankyou.

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