Out and Back – a Grand Canyon Traverse

A Gearlist:
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  1. Brian Massman says:

    I got to do a 13 day river trip two years ago through the canyon. My brother is a long time river raft guide in the canyon and the day hikes he took us on were simply breathtaking. Since we were all family and friends and not commercial customers he took us into slot canyons that most visitors never get to see. In one slot canyon there was a remnant of an ancient granary and inside it were corn cobs there that were likely a thousand years old, grown by the indigenous inhabitants who farmed the silt banks along the river. The granaries were built to both store and hide the harvests. Only a few guides knew of this place. I could go back numerous times to explore. Great video Neemor, brought back a lot of great memories.

  2. kookiemoose says:

    Great video. Loved it. The music makes me want to punch somebody in the face, but great video

  3. Kyle Jolly says:

    If you want to do another Grand Canyon trip I have permits for the Gems Route in March and Royal Arch Route in April. Love your videos!!

  4. Andrew Wisler says:

    Awesome, glad you got to do this hike — I just did the R2R south to north with my son and a group of scouts in September. Cottonwood to Red Wall Bridge was my favorite section, but it's all amazing. You video took me back. If you go again, definitely try to stop over at Bright Angel Campground and spend some time sitting in the creek and pondering life.

  5. Larry3043 says:

    Great hike, sure is gorgeous out there. What were the temps during the day and at night? Looks as if the night dipped down pretty cold.

  6. AJ Wright says:

    Hey Neemor! Noticed you had a GG The One in your gearlist! Would you be willing to make a video review anytime soon? Looking for a new tent and the One is right up there.

  7. Stan the Man Hikes says:

    Hey Neemor just found you thru Darwins channel and subscribed. You do a great job with the vlog. I plan on watching many more. Have you considered hiking to Havasu Falls next time you get back to the canyon?

  8. 49 Plus 1 says:

    Great video. Just beautiful. How many miles is the great angel trail? What do you recommend someone hike if they’re just passing thru on their way to California?

  9. Bernie Broering says:

    Great soundtrack, well mixed and balanced. Loved the trek with Darwin and the both of you accentuate each other's style of hiking. Very well done. Thank You!

  10. Bradley Bohannon says:

    First video I've seen of yours man. I found you through Darwin's channel. I love your style of video, it's original and made me realize that I probably should change up my film and editing style a bit. Thank for the video man!

  11. Doug Lynch says:

    Good morning from Erwin,TN. Beautiful country, thanks for sharing. Just subbed to your channel even though I've watched on occasion for some time now. One of the hikers I took to Walmart back in May talked about meeting you while doing a resupply there. Thanks again for sharing and have a great day.

  12. STeVe PNW says:

    Most Excellent! I like the way you guys interact with each other. Good Fun, Good People.

    Stay Out There,

  13. Kim Joya says:

    wow that was awesome. reminded me of hiking the narrows in zion some 35 years ago with my dad. Had to take a scary vw van ride to the drop off, then two days hiking ending up coming out in the park where all the tourist are. if that is still a possible thing I highly recomend

  14. beeveedee says:

    Great video, and with another fave I watch. Would've liked to have seen a little more interaction on film between you two. Got a question: How are you liking that Lightheart Gear jacket?

  15. Andy Barton says:

    I also came over from the Darwin side. Love the cinematography, it looks like a gorgeous place!.. Off to check out more of your stuff

  16. Lindsay Newell says:

    Great to see you guys collaborate on this. Loved your stuff with John Z and Lint and this is a great addition. I want to do R2R2R but not yet in shape to attempt it in a day so maybe copy you guys and go overnight but UL.

  17. Chuck Palah says:

    Neemor, this is a great video. Did a multi-day raft trip down the Colorado, some of us got dropped at Phantom Ranch and then hiked out. All kinds of spectacular surprises down in the canyon.

  18. Happy Trails Hiking says:

    Great video! We found you trough Darwin. Thanks for taking us along! We have explored the top of the Grand Canyon, but haven't been down in yet. Beautiful and exciting and lots more wildlife than we thought!

  19. The Chubby Hiker says:

    What a beautiful, well made video! Thanks so much for sharing ? Hope to take this hike someday! I look forward to your upcoming vids! Happy Hiking!

  20. potatothorn says:

    what a hike!! thanks so much for taking us with you// we're gonna be trying to reserve some sites at south rim for late summer… /we'll have space for a couple more people… EXCellent that patreon is getting you some funds, you deserve it

  21. Gary Bolen says:

    Neemor – What is your impression of the Daylight Hikers? I have the Xero Prio and love them, and I'm just about to pull the trigger on the Daylight Hikers just to wear in general, but was interested on how they do on the trail.

  22. Daniel Reffner says:

    Really impressive video! Great editing and cinematography. And cool to see you and Darwin on the trail together. Definitely subscribing!

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