Pacific Crest Trail Prep | Food

PCT Prep | Food
Here is the 7th video in my PCT prep series! I will be doing these videos all throughout the month of May and June and you will see what all I am taking on my Oregon section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.
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Things mentioned in this video:
-Gobi Gear Segsac:
-Nature’s Path Instant Oatmeal:
-Starbucks Via Pike’s Place:
-Non dairy powdered creamer:
-Justin’s Nut Butter:
-Peeled Snacks dried fruit:
-Outdoor Herbivore CinnaMonkey Chomps:
-R.e.d.d. Bars:
-Powercrunch protein bar:
-Pro Bar Bolt organic energy chews:
-Clif Shot Bloks:
-Starkist tuna packet:
-Outdoor Herbivore instant quinoa:
-Outdoor Herbivore dehydrated vegetables:
-Idahoan mashed potatoes:
-Outdoor Herbivore chickpea sesame ghetti:
-Outdoor Herbivore Cibola couscous:
-Good To Go backpacking meals:
-Mountain House backpacking meal:

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  1. Madeleine Holmkvist says:

    Great video! Food prep is my favourite part to do before hiking 😊

  2. Sonja Conrads says:

    Sooo crazy that you filmed this a couple of months ago and now your almost on your way!

  3. HikingTheGorge says:

    Great video, I recently tried the new MH Turkey dinner and loved it. Thought it needed some mashed potatoes and or cranberry with it, but had good flavor! I also agree about lunch, me personally snacking doesn't cut it, need a good lunch and break to keep me going! Good luck on your journey I'm planning the same thing in 2020 in doing the Oregon section.

  4. David Hyde says:

    Nice video, Franziska. Very informative. I like how you plan your meals – for some reason, the most difficult aspect (for ME) of putting together a hike.

    One point strikes me as funny. Your food for 6 days is so much less in quantity than mine would be ! Obviously, since you are a woman (and clearly not a pig)…. and you don't weigh 235 lbs like I do…. you don't need to carry so much. I envy you ladies on that point ! 🙂

  5. 99Stutz says:

    Thanks for turning me onto Outdoor Herbivore, I went on their site and so many things look delicious. I'm going to order something from them for the 3 Finger Jack hike later this season.

  6. geischt23 says:

    Always interesting to see what others take with them on a hike. Especially food, i <3 food 😀

    In the American hiking scene or at least on youtube there is a lot of talk about leave no trace principles – we could use some of this talk here in Europe regarding pooping in the woods 🙂 But what really shocked me was how much plastic waste you had per meal/day. Not only for the main ingredient/dish but many addons also in extra plastic. You might not leave a trace on the trail but definitely on the planet! I know thats hard to avoid since it is so convenient and some products like protein bars are only sold that way. I'm far from perfect in this regard but I always try to remind myself to think of alternatives like buying stuff in larger quantities like rice, noodles, nuts and packaging myself or reusing ziploc bags. Other fun weekend projects include making your own cliff bars or beef jerky.
    I know how tempting it is for longer hikes just to rely on the conveniently prepackaged foods.. Maybe I'm just jealous because I can't find tuna/chicken in single serving plastic packs here in Europe 😉

    This is not meant to criticise you or your choice of food, I really enjoy your videos and hope that in the future we hear more of you – maybe not regularly but every now and then when you're in the mood 🙂

  7. Gaylin Lack says:

    Was wondering about cost of some of the speciality meals? Pretty pricey I suspect considering how expensive the Mountain House meals are. You commented a couple of times about not taking some of these if they weren't provided by the distributor.

  8. bertman4 says:

    Regarding your tuna packets, you may want to look into packets of tuna IN OIL as that's more calories for the same weight.

  9. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Trader Joe has instant coffee packets with the creamer and sugar mixed in already. Have you tried them? They're actually pretty good.

  10. Bike Vids says:

    You are eating a nearly pure sugar/carb diet which will almost certainly give you diabetes. Dried fruit is particularly dangerous as it is high concentrated sugar. Everything else you are eating is carbs. Recipe for disaster.

  11. bertman4 says:

    Say, speaking of food, what are you doing for a bear bag? I don't recall seeing you discuss it in your miscellaneous gear or in this food section. And I don't see it on your list either. Thanks.

  12. ReturnToTheWild says:

    Good video. I always find it interesting to see what other people pack. This series is a great resource for people. The food looks good. Lots of variety. 😎👍

  13. Michael Farmer says:

    Thanks for sharing I was wondering what you where taking for the first week! I enjoy seeing your choices and why you chose them and those banana chips yum! I will have to try that Indian food it sounds good! Being more of a day hiker i haven't really eaten much hiking food so I'm learning! but I think it all looks good since I'm hungry at the moment! 🙂

  14. Timothy Brown says:

    You will be eating well. I love your set up of varieties.
    … but one thing though… where's your seasonings?
    Don't forget to bring salt and lemon juice. I always end up using it for something. There's a lot of uses for it too.

    Love your video.

  15. Austin DenHerder says:

    Best luck to you on your up and coming through Oregon through hike

  16. Tony Stewart says:

    Just over a lb a day is impressive, well thought out meal plan. Those Redd bars sound interesting. Over here in NZ on a 7 day back packing hunting trip I do Oatmeal with some raisins for b/f, snack bar & mixed nuts during day, crackers, salami/tuna, cheese, Red pepper & a mandarin for lunch and a 2 serve dyh meal for dinner, coffee, tea & sometimes a hydration mix if it's hot weather.

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