PACK WITH ME: Clothing for 2+ Week Trip

I am on my summer trip and I thought I would share with you all the clothing I packed! Packing, especially when flying, can be hard, so I hope this helps and gives you some inspiration for what to bring on your next trip x

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What I Packed

*Striped Tank Top:
*Black Oversized Top:
Red Striped T-shirt: Ralph Lauren
Blue T-Shirt: Target
Gray Cropped Shirt: Brandy Melville
*Polka Dot Pocket Top:
Polka Dot Button Down Top: Forever 21
Navy Sweater: H&M
*Black Turtleneck (in different color):
*Blue Button Down Blouse:

*High Waisted Jeans:
*Black High Waisted Pants (I wear these too much):
High Waisted Shorts:

*Green Jacket (on sale in store!):
Heavier Blue Jacket: Forever 21
*Raincoat (the best purchase I have ever made):

*Red Dress:
*Blue Midi Dress (on sale):

*Red Cross Body Purse:
*Black Backpack:

Sandals: Eurosoft
Hiking Boots: DSW



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  1. MisterWii says:

    Wow You Look Very Cute In Those Black Overalls 🙂 Where did you get them!

  2. Mallory Golski says:

    I really need to get better at packing–I always end up overpacking and wishing I had brought more basic clothing instead!

  3. Cara Jane says:

    Definitely looks like you know what you're doing!! Hope you have an amazing trip, Kara! 😉

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