Pebble Art #2 Philip’s Trail – Read desc – Hiking with a Dog – Hiking with German Shepherd Part 2

#2 Philip’s Trail -Read desc – Hiking with a Dog – Hiking with German Shepherd Part 2 of 4. We will call this Philip’s Day! On Philip’s Trail and Found an Art Rock learned from Philip Russel’s channel! Pebble Art
Found a Pebble Art
It’s our first time taking this Philip’s path… Interestingly enough, I found a “decorative” rock!!! I have not seen a decorative art rock in person before this day but I have always seen it on Philip Russel’s channel. Here is a link to his channel and those rock videos. Thank you Philip Russel for introducing me to the decorative rock! I look for them now on our hikes. Please Visit Philip Russel ‘s Channel snd subscribe!
Rock #2
Hiking with German Shepherd Series Part 2 of 4
Hiking with Dog in the wilderness.

Hiking with dog and exploring forest. We are hoping to see something interesting. We are always game for finding a water fall, dry river bed, a river, a water fall, and wildlife.

Do you like our German Shepherd’s leash? We did a how to video on how to make that paracord leash. Here is the link:

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Filmed with GoPro 6 – 4K 30 fps with stabilization on.
Settings: Protune = On. ISO = 200 min and 200 max. Ev = -5.
All other settings = Auto
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  1. Cheryl Nelson says:

    nice and quiet……by that I mean from the rat race quiet. watching the water it looked like there might be coloration from clay giving it the kind of tan coloring. lovely hike…..Kara has good taste :-))))))))))

  2. philip russell says:

    Very nicely decorated rock, glad the idea is widespread. Love the sound of the water, it adds greatly to the peaceful nature of the hike.

  3. Scotties, Frenchies and Friends says:

    I love the ferns on the forest floor and the gurgling water. Another art rock? Wow, you are really paying attention to your surroundings.💕

  4. v7 Cruz says:

    sorry for being out of the seen lately just wanted to stop by and check on some vids i miss . i drop a like for you im gonna try to stay more active just hoping i have more time for youtube 🙂 btw i hope you check out my recent vid any feed back is great #FAM #SQUAD

  5. LifeWith S&K says:

    Нам сподобався ваш канал,і ми підписались 1881
    Будемо раді якщо отримаємо взаємну відповідь від вас!

  6. Excellent video liked and Mind checking my latest video out and hopefully you’ll stay active and As I really don’t Inactive subs 👍

  7. Cem Kozikoglu says:

    Wow great visuals and content! I live on Vancouver Island, and archiving my memories by posting them to youtube, I would love it if you can check and comment on some of my works as well. Thank you !

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