Penang National Park: Hike to Turtle beach

We arrived in the land of food! Malaysia was such a culinary destination for us and we can’t wait to share our food adventures with you guys!

We hope you will have fun as much as we did while doing the vlog 🙂

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Gopro stick
Go pro Mounth piece
Gopro 5
Gopro 5 dual battery charger

Zhiyun Stabilizer

Organizer Bag:
Camera & drone bag

After market Canon battery
Rod Mic
Canon t7i with kit lens
Sigma lens kit
Joby Gorilla pod

DJI Mavic pro
DJI Battery charger

Seagate 2T Hard drive

Music we used:
Contigo – AGST
Dollar Needles – Splasher
Climbing Through air 3 – Tomas Skyldeberg

  1. Tainted Lord87 says:

    What were the chances of meeting the same guy who helped you with that flat tire on that exact same day? But that hike looked like quite the challenge. Still, seeing those baby turtle and the beach made it worth it. Great video!

  2. Out and About 888 says:

    Hi guys! It's been awhile since I've watched your videos sorry for that the weather in Mississauga ontario is getting nicer, my wife and I is out and about driving around see other places, but once in awhile I take a peek of what you guys up to with your great videos.

  3. Achtung panzer! says:

    Takyo, I burst out laughing at your comment, ' fried onions and fly's' . Amazing video to watch! Glad to hear you got a puncture free bike 🙂

  4. FR0G the FRENCH says:

    " She don't give me any break " 🤣
    Be with a fit lady is not easy each day 😋.

  5. Pathfinder.Gregg says:

    You guys had me worried for a minute there. Jade said before going to the park you were going to eat and at that moment you were standing in front of Subway and McDonalds. I was expecting to see Big Macs and fries. Whew, unique experience or not, at least you ate local.


    What a such amazing island <3
    Jade was pretty exciting for this trip, it was so obvious lol
    The guy from Oman was pretty cool!
    Thanks for the great footages all along! A pure blast to watch!
    Happy midweek and keep on travelling guys 🙂

  7. eric wood says:

    Thanks for sharing your Adventures with us it's great to see the World through your eyes. 🙂

  8. Ray Roxas says:

    great vlog, so beautiful place for turtles, nice for eco tourism

  9. Thomas Sem says:

    Love the video guys! So much fun. How do you compare Penang to south in thailan (Krabi and Phuket)?

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