Valley Calderoni’s pet dog was murdered on a hike with her other dogs when a huntsman mistakenly took her dog for a wolf and shot it dead in front of her.

She writes: “Today, like any other day, I took my beautiful girl with a teammate and nine other dogs on a regular hike. The hike was amazing; the dogs were so well behaved, training went beautifully. As we were finishing the hike, we were putting the leashes back on the dogs. We were going up a little bank onto an old forest road. I already had two dogs on the leash when I heard the bang, it was so loud, my instinct made me crouch down, then I looked, and I saw 10 feet in front of me my dog shot. She screamed, and looked at her wound with disbelief and then looked at me with the absolute feeling of betrayal. I ran towards her as she stumbled down the road where she collapsed. I tried to save her, I held her, I just knew it was not good. I did not want her to suffer, and I told her “just go, just let go baby girl”. She died. I never cried so hard in my life. I was faint; I could not breathe. The amount of pain I feel should never be experienced by anyone, ever, for any reason. A hunter, a trophy hunter killed my dog. I told him ” the only thing that can make this better would be if you never, ever take another life again”. What kind of human can look in a scope at such beautiful creature and murder it? This man took my dog’s life because he thought she was a wolf surrounded by seven other dogs and 10 feet away from my teammate and me.”


  1. Louise Henderson says:

    I tell you what I hate hunters so much if you are a hunter seeing this comment I will come for you no animal should be treated this way

  2. JEFFIN MLBB says:

    I Know He Is Dead…
    And I Know That This Is So Painful…
    But, Don't Cry…
    Because, He Will Always Be With You, In Your Heart…

  3. rileypebley vlogs says:

    shes a great dog shes in a better place now that hunter is a… well hes a big dodoo head she looks nothing like a wold well maybe a lil not same color do

  4. Alfonso Hernandez says:

    The person who shot this don't we all hate you your the worst hope you don't go to heaven unless god forgives them but poor dog

  5. Kaistar Gaming says:

    omg…. i really hope kaoru rest in a greater place than the earth with horroble ppls…

  6. Dylan brdn says:

    Even shooting a wolf is far from right. Hunting is a legal sport, but legal or not anyone who shoots a wolf for the head count money deserves the death penalty.

  7. Liliana Cortese says:

    I cannot watch it is too sad, the hunter deserves 10 years of prison but who will catch him?

  8. My brother was mauled by a wolf when he was young. He was just walking around and it lunged and ripped his throat out. Wolves are dangerous animals. I don't blame the hunter since the dog looks like a wolf and she was walking in a hunting zone. That dog would still be alive if she went to a non hunting zone

  9. the fucking killer didn't see the collar?? didn't see the other dogs and the owner near Kaoru???

  10. Lily Pat says:

    ??????im going to CRY . RIP that hunter was RUDE,MEAN,DUMB, AND SHOULDN'T HAVE EVER KILLED THAT DOG so cute????????????

  11. Lps AlfaWolf says:

    Karou is safe now❤ He's rest in the clouds?☁☀My heart say, Karou is good dog, very good dog❤?

  12. Aaliyah Chacon says:

    If I find him I'll kill that guy let's see how he likes it that dogs ? so freaking cute

  13. mart barbon says:

    i will kill whos kills a dog and i have a gun in my house so i will shoot who kills a dog because i really love dog but if the dog is being bad like for example his trying to another dog its ok for me to kill the dog the one whos attacking the good dog husky is my name in dota 2 and husky is my name in minecraft i just love dogs but the kind of dog that i love the most is the husky because they look very cute

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