Philip’s Trail – Read desc – Hiking with a Dog – Hiking with German Shepherd Part 1 of 4 Pebble Art

Philip “Russel’s” Trail – Hiking with a Dog – Hiking with German Shepherd Part 1 of 4 We will call this Philip’s Day! On Philip’s Trail and we found an Art Rock learned from Philip Russel’s channel! Pebble Art
It’s our first time taking this Philip’s path… Interestingly enough, I found a “decorative” art rock!!! Found Rock will be published on Tuesday, May 8th. I have not seen a decorative art rock in person before this day but I have always seen it on Philip Russel’s channel. Here is a link to his channel and those rock videos. Thank you Philip Russel for introducing me to the decorative rock! I look for them now on our hikes. Please Visit Philip Russel ‘s Channel snd subscribe!
Rock #2
Hiking with German Shepherd Series Part 1 of 4
Hiking with Dog in the wilderness.

Hiking with dog and exploring forest. We are hoping to see something interesting. We are always game for finding a water fall, dry river bed, a river, a water fall, and wildlife.

Do you like our German Shepherd’s leash? We did a how to video on how to make that paracord leash. Here is the link:

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  1. Scotties, Frenchies and Friends says:

    This is such a beautiful area. Kara has such a wonderfully expressive face. Love your videos. One of the art rocks? What a bonus.

  2. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    Great Hike!! I like philip russell's channel too!! Stormy and Mishka are great!!!

  3. Ziva the dog says:

    Ziva would never walk on the trail, she would be running around everywhere lol

  4. Carl,s Vlogs says:

    Hi everyone, what a wonderful hike. And Kara was making more friends on the way, such nice weather to. The weathers very nice back in Uk and its a public holiday, hope you all have a great week ahead:}

  5. philip russell says:

    Thanks for the mention, I have seen a couple of "rocks" so far this year, the last was all about a swimming club. Very good trek, Kara enjoying herself chasing around mom.

  6. K9Rex and Mads says:

    Wonderful Hike muddy. Yes Philip is a awesome guy and Stormy and Mishka are great dogs.

  7. Richard Parker says:

    Your walks with Kara through the beautiful light-flooded redwood forest is already relaxing while watching .

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