Philmont Shakedown Hike – Granite Gear Crown 2 Backpack Review

Well, my REI Ridgeline 65 is scratched off the Philmont Gear List. I’m replacing it with a Granite Gear backpack. Here’s my review of the Granite Gear Crown 2 backpack and a quick review of the CNOC Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container.

Granite Gear Crown 2 Backpack –

Sawyer Squeeze –

Molle Pack –

CNOC Outdoor Vecto 2L Water Bag –

  1. RickinICT says:

    Nice video. I just took my first short trip since getting the CNOC bladder, and what a difference it makes over trying to fill up my old Evernew 2l in still or slow moving water! I'm not yet sure how perfectly it seals, so I definitely wouldn't put it inside my pack full of water (unlike my Evernew, which I wouldn't be too worried about). Using that outside pocket seems like a great compromise if you want to carry water with the CNOC. One thing I definitely wish was different is the rigidity (or lack thereof) of the CNOC's threaded mouth. It deforms too easily when trying to hold the bladder while it is full of water, and you have to be really careful when attaching your filter or the threads will deform so that when you turn the bladder upright and squeeze it, it leaks dirty water down the filter and your clean water bladder. I still prefer it greatly over trying to fill a soft-sided bladder with only a small threaded opening, though.

    I couldn't make out what kind of trekking poles you had, but I really like the looks of the cork grips. My Black Diamond Trail Ergos have cork, but it's pretty thin and flat. The ones you have look much better contoured and cushioned. What brand and model are they?

    Also, have you taken your Crown 2 out on any hikes yet and if so, how many pounds were you carrying? A lot of my gear is older, and I would be right at 35 lbs which as I understand it is the absolute upper limit for this bag. I'm really tempted to make the switch (my current pack is over 6 lbs!) but I'm afraid it won't be comfortable carrying the weight of my current gear.

    Thanks in advance.

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