While Trent is slaving away building a table, Kody is out having a blast STEELHEAD fishing.

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  1. Jason Smith says:

    Hey Trent get ahold of my Dad Leon Smith everyone in Myrtle Point knows him he will do you some great work he's a handyman and semi-retired lol.PM me and i'll give you his # .
    P.S i'm coming down May to cont my bear hunt.

  2. Dominik Sablan says:

    I just got done watching the land of the free project and it is so awesome how u guys hunt I like the fact that u don’t care how big the bull is I love the fact that it’s about the brother hood and just bing outdoors so shout out to u guys for the awesome series I hope there is a 2.0

  3. Scott Hughes says:

    I have been shooting my bow everyday. Thanks Steve it's awesome and I love it.

  4. 1 For The People says:

    @Born & Raised: Really enjoyed your video today. Thank you for sharing. 🖒

  5. Jim Gelatt Jr. says:

    Thanks for sharing guys, good to see what you're up to.
    Good job Trent, nice table! Cant wait for spring bear hunting videos!

  6. Paul Howe says:

    You guys are awesome no doubt about it. You guys have inspired my family to ramp up our hunting and get outdoors. Ultimate goal is to get out west to chase elk in the mountains. Keep up the awesome work guys, can't wait to get the shirts and calls we ordered this weekend.

  7. brian delisi says:

    I'd rather build a table that makes the business grow $$$ more than hook a bunch of nothing… Trent wins this round. However, keeping the staff happy is important as well, so Kody get's a few points! Great stuff either way! Keep it up!

  8. Aaron Alden says:

    Great edit! it was entertaining, and conveyed the story; which is the most important part. How much do you delve into color grading your footage? You looked a little green in the shop. I think it might have helped blend the clips together if you matched them to the warmer tones of the boat shots.

  9. Mason Moffat says:

    Good job Trent, you did awesome. What editing system are you using by chance?

  10. Southern Runner NZ says:

    Will you guys ever ship internationally to New Zealand ? Keep up the Stella work!

  11. Joyce Barnett says:

    And all projects were accomplished in one day. haha. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish that I could be out fishing and catching. I just love to do that. Maybe some day this summer I will be able to get out there and have some fun too. Stay safe and happy adventuring. Joyce

  12. Evan Beachy says:

    Yes its far….. Kody is right…. Trent did go have a party hunting geese. Great looking table tho Trent !

  13. Ryan Meyers says:

    Will you be changing hoodie manufacturer? I usually wear a xl, but bought a xxl for extra room. Turns out the xxl is closer to a xl and fits tighter than I wanted. If I buy another hoodie, I want to make sure I get the right size.

  14. Daddy’s Life says:

    Hey guys it’s daddy’s life I am putting on a drawing for a free archery elk hunt in late August in Colorado. Would you please help me get the word out?

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