Porcupine Mountains Michigan ~ Hike to Mirror Lake

  1. Rebekah Leonard says:

    Much needed today! Thanks for sharing. Hope the cats are well…scratch, please. Journey mercies!

  2. Aethelwulf Frithugar says:

    Sweet! That's the gem of MI. Nice pics. Made me want to go swimming. That Sylvania Wilderness area near WI border is also 21K acres of old growth virgin timber. Cheers!

  3. Tallie Allen says:

    Just beautiful!
    About how long (Timewise ) is the hike between Lake of the clouds and mirror Lake?

  4. C Dantzer says:

    Nice job WD ,wife and I are headed that way in two weeks. Shake down trip for our new to us 97 road trek.

  5. laurie rosa says:

    did that hike a couple of years ago. it was wonderful. would love to hike in and camp in one of the cabins for a week.

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