Post Pinhoti Trail Gear Thoughts & Failures

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EE Copperfield Wind Pants –

GorillaPod Action Tripod –

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter –

ZPacks Duplex Tent-

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  1. Like to Hike says:

    Hm, are you sure that this Gorillapod is broken. I dont have one but i guess these flexible hinges are only pressed one into another so it is normal that you can pull them out. But of course when they fall out by themselfs they are loosed out and …. quality like shit. Maybe it could also help to half the length of the pillars to get a better stand and stabilitiy. And you get rid of some weight.
    Question for your Sawyer filter. You finished the Pinoti Trail some days, so my question is, did you have any days and nights with freezing cold, snowy icy weather? Only because its absolute important that the filter is not freezing, because the water freezing inside expands in that moment and that means the complete destruction of the filter membrane. So in freezing weather its important to wear the filter always close to your body and when sleeping inside your sleeping bag. So when it wasn`t that I did not say anything.

  2. foster wayne says:

    We had the same problem with our Sawyer water filter. It worked fine the first time out and after being stored for awhile I couldn't filter a drop through it. we also found this out on the trail.

  3. Thea Jane Petrass says:

    Hey Darwin, shame about the tripod I was looking at that also but decided to go with a slightly simpler more rugged Miggo Splat CSC Flexible Mini Tripod and its a fraction of the weight at 65 grams it even Glows in the dark 🙂 As a photographer by trade I didnt want to miss out on taking something to use. Thanks for the great great videos!

  4. SandCrabNews says:

    Thermodynamics: Heat flows from hot to cold. You are letting heat escape. Plug the hole with Duct Tape. Also, there's something called a "GI Issued Poncho Liner" which you may like.

  5. SandCrabNews says:

    Tripod? Would it work, if you Super-Glue & baking soda a 1/4-20 x 1 inch setscrew to a tent stake?

  6. Bubba Redneck says:

    murphy strikes again lol. i recently did a 3 week hike along the colorado river in western az and my coleman 509a stove finally died after many years of trusty service. tried the cold pack food and lets just say iced coffee isnt my gig. what would you recommend for a new stove? weight has to be a consideration but not a deal breaker.

  7. Friar Rodney Burnap says:

    Buy a pump filter…it comes with a charcoal filter built in you want charcoal in your filter.

  8. Friar Rodney Burnap says:

    Buy a Black Diamond Mega lite… it's 4 season… shelter…weighs 2lbs packs down to the size of a grapefruit…2lbs for a 4 season is ultralight…

  9. Jaap Scheele says:

    what raingear would you recommend for bikepacking? Is that the z-packs Vertice jacket and pants? The pants seem to be way too wide for cycling. Any tips?

  10. Warren Davidson says:

    As usual another great video with awesome information. A piece of gear that I am switching out are my 1L Smartwater bottles. I have an REI Flash 65 and the side pockets are way to shallow so I am switching to Fiji water bottles. I actually received this idea from Arnie1MileandG. I will let you know how they work out after my next section hike.

  11. Reverend Al says:

    When you get to Washington State, there will be mice that will easily eat into your new food bag.

  12. Unkle Zeebizcut says:

    The hole isn't necessarily the problem with the foot box, it's how the foot box is insulated. The hole area is less insulated to create the opening. The transfer of heat is not from air escape, it's how well the foot box is insulated. The best way to protect your feel from cold is to layer. Those silly house socks chicks wear with furry insides are actually quite primal.

  13. Joe JoeLesh says:

    If your gear fails on Darwin, expect that he will not hold back on his review.

  14. Backcountry Forward says:

    I actually exclaimed “Noooo not the ass-pad” when I heard about the z-seat! Haha. I just ordered my first one because you talk so highly about it!

  15. Alan C says:

    Good observation about the Sawyer and flushing with tap water. My Platypus had been running slow. And I have used tap water to back flush. And our water is VERY hard. Might be time for a new filter. Thanks for that info.

  16. Rich Harmon says:

    Hey Darwin, I don't know if anyone else made this suggestion but I back flush my Sawyer with distilled water with a dash of bleach after each trip. That helps wash all the sediment build up out of filter 🙂 Looking forward to your PCT adventure!!!

  17. Fred Laroche says:

    How the hell have i not been subscribed to this before? Excellent AAA content. Thank you and keep it up.

  18. Nick Eldridge says:

    Are you still loving the arc blast? Thinking of swapping over from my ULA Ohm.

  19. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    good luck on the traill. i live by the trail on mt hood in oregon. it is a good place to pick up microbrews. do laundry. etc. the village of govt camp. rasta etc. have fun.

  20. Chris Vores says:

    I did trail magic for toasted toad in Waynesboro Pa then passed him again hiking Sobo on a long section of Mass on Greylock. Do you have his contact info? Give him mine. Soggy. [email protected] Great videos btw.

  21. Tait Leaney says:

    What is the texture of the Vertice material like? I have a problem with thin-woven vinyl textures (90's style wind jackets are ok) but the jacket & mits look great

  22. miss M says:

    Go old school with WOOL socks like our grandparents would say. Maybe it will be like your pillow a litle more weight bit worth it for good sleep..

  23. My Korean DreamS says:

    Just subbed my friend with like and bell
    Great channel
    Pls visit also mine

  24. Serafin Hikes says:

    Swapped out my osprey 67L atmos ag pack … just too heavy. Picked up an arc haul. Thank goodness I bought the atmos from Rei so I was able to return it for a full refund. Swapped out my Riff 15° sleeping bag for an EE Enigma 20° quilt; saved a pound. And I picked up a zpacks duplex.

  25. Dan Outdoors says:

    My gear for me is a budget 1 man tent called the OEX phoxx 1. It cost £59.99 and weighs in at 1.58kg switching the pegs for some nice thin titanium ones would shave and extra 361g off the pack weight. I'll be putting it through a 177 mile trail next month

  26. Celecitax error says:

    if cold feet is a huge problem for you

    you could heat up a stone beside a fire, then wrap it up in a towel and then place it inside your sleeping bag on your feet.

  27. tdee n says:

    my most recent gear test hike showed me that I need to change my sleep pad. Currently using a thermarest neoair xl, and it's a great pad. However I had my 'aha' moment. I use a quilt because I toss and turn and sleep hot (no cold feet here!), so I make my sleep space a rectangle. Why am I using a mummy shaped pad then? I experimented with sleeping upside down on my pad and my feet (and thus knees) were so much more rested. So Im picking up a big agnes insulated axl to try out!

  28. Albert gabelgård bidstrup says:

    ohhh nooooooooo, your ass pad. how can you live without it 😉

  29. Jack Howard says:

    Hahahaha, your face! As for new gear? I recently bought a Mountain Warhouse Microlite 950 Sleeping Bag after having an ancient one my uncle gave me years and years ago. Really liking it for the UK climate.

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