POV Footage Shows Polar Bears Struggling to Find Food | National Geographic

Polar bears are using 60% more energy than expected to catch seals.
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Some are using more energy than they consume. Four of nine bears in the study lost 10% or more of their body mass in an 8-to-11-day period. The bears need sea ice to hunt seals that make up more than 95% of their diet. But sea ice is decreasing by 14% each decade due to global warming. This means bears must travel further and further to find seals. Researchers placed point-of-view cameras on the bears to track them in their dire search for food. As the sea ice continues to fragment the bears’ ratio of energy expenditure to consumption will grow.

Read more in “Polar Bears Really Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Study Shows”

POV Footage Shows Polar Bears Struggling to Find Food | National Geographic

National Geographic

  1. KateMich12 says:

    I can’t watch every single one of these beautiful creatures die off over the next 10 years. There has to be something we can do.

  2. Vanna Rocha says:

    Poor animals , we are all struggling to survive in this horrible planet full of cruel evil people that are destroying everything .
    Ten years ago, sealers killed about 350,000 seals, but in 2015, that number dropped to 35,000—the lowest in two decades.
    In 2016 hunters killed about 66,000 seals, but Canada sets the highest annual quota—some 400,000 last year.
    information from google.

  3. alex charley says:

    This makes me pleased. Animals like this thing deserve to die. It's funny to watch animals struggle. I'll never struggle because i'm rich and live in $18M mansion and 4 of the rooms are mine!

  4. Revathi Narayan says:

    Is there no alternative to save polar bears…..nd why this is happening so….that seals are decreasing in numbers…..if global warming is the cause then this is really serious…!!!

  5. Seventh Seal says:

    Because yeah polar bears have never had to overcome adversity to survive before. There has always been a study and precise mass of sea ice and this is the first time it's ever deviated. So….

  6. Sarah Redwood says:

    If I was that seal I would have slapped that stupid bear in the face with my tail and swam away😀🙆🐕😃

  7. Sik Lau says:

    Putting a device on the neck of the bear is very inhuman, most of my friends and I hate that very much

  8. Lifeofmuf says:

    Maybe you should remove the camera on the neck. He is having a hard time with that equipment . How to hunt 😫

  9. kevin rosas says:

    I really hope Nat Geo is feeding these bears sometimes instead of just watching them suffer .. if you can put a camera on a damn bear that means you can definitely feed it.

  10. rob roberts says:

    looks like some global warming…….I mean climate scientists……… I mean climate change researchers need some more funding.

  11. That fact that there are more polar bears in the Arctic than there was 30 years just doesn't tug at the heart strings. Accord to scientists at Lakehead University, Canada, USGS, and the Nunavut Environment Dept. polar bear population is abel to up. The biggest danger to polar bears survival is hunting. Since 2008 polar bear have been on the Endangered Species Act list of protected animals which has sheltered them from humans. Also this video is dated. The last two years in the arctic has seen an expansion of ice. Fact are indeed inconvenient truths.

  12. SALWA AWADH says:

    How watching them suffering and dying is helping in any way ..we should save them and prevent them from extinction

  13. National Geographic says:

    Seals make up more than 85% of a polar bear's diet. What do you think can be done to alleviate the polar bears' increasingly dire situation?

  14. Maria Tereza Ferreira says:

    I hate what mankind has done to our planet. It's heartbreaking to watch this

  15. Lyonresto - Le Guide des restos à Lyon says:

    🙌🏽 Topissime, Merci ! Continuez comme cela.

  16. Travis polson says:

    Well with billions in carbon tax should be easy enough to air drop them some seals , of coarse we should never question if over fishing is making the seals decline must be climate change , one can tell from how high the sun is in the sky that some pictures are taken in the summer .

  17. Adam Maes says:

    Top developing pension revenue lifestyle angel rice characterize fight positive

  18. Scar Hole says:

    I member the democrats promising polar bears would be dead from global warming decade's ago. Turns out they just lie alot….

  19. Alexander McClelland says:

    I couldn't watch this video because i just know that it would be heartbreaking. It's tragic what's happening to these beautiful creatures. Changes must be made & we can't deny that the way we live our lives is a huge contributing factor to climate change. We're all guilty of it in one form or another, myself included. However, even a small consistent change in our habits, multiplied by the contributing popluation can have a huge impact on our environment. Do it for the Bears! 🙂

  20. Ernest torres says:

    are they assuming this is because global warming. its governments fault for over fishing and toxic waste dumping. you see how they play on our emotions .

  21. Larry Lockwood says:

    perhaps the reluctance of filmakers and conservationists to intervene in nature because its not natural should be reconsidered… no animal or being should suffer and die while another hides behind a lens

  22. VeganVixen says:

    I'm so tired of seeing people all around me not caring about how their actions (and lack of action) harm others on this Earth.

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