Prepper Advantage LIVE! Episode 3: 5 Gallons of Fire Starter Giveaway

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In this 3rd episode of Prepper Advantage LIVE!, the weekly Facebook Live survival school and survival gear giveaway show…

Family feud style prepper and survival trivia takes place when Lou goes rapid fire style with some solid survival, hiking, camping and wilderness emergency preparedness questions.

Winners received a variety of free survival gear ranging from Prepper Advantage hats and BPA-free stainless steel canteens to a gigantic 5 gallon container of Instafire fire starter.

Join us live each week to learn critical survival skills, meet some of the best experts in all areas of emergency preparedness, get awesome gear, and laugh a little! (Ok, actually laugh a lot.)

Stay prepared for any survival or emergency situation that you face with survival skills and tactics from leading experts:

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