Q&A ~ What European Trail am I Thru-Hiking in June? (S2 Ep7)

Each and every week I pick out 8-12 questions you ask based on liked comments or great topics. See if your questions made this week’s Q&A.

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01:39 ~ How long does it take for a sleeping bag to get mold inside?
03:56 ~ Have I considered hiking the MST?
04:39 ~ How do I adjust my sleep system through 3 seasons?
07:53 ~ What trail am I Thru-Hiking in June?
08:51 ~ What AT section do I recommend for beginners to practice?
09:40 ~ How do you deal with bugs (mosquitoes) on the Trail?
11:38 ~ What do I do to stay fit other than hike?

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  1. Moxie McKeldrey says:

    Hey BigFoot 💜your channel and all the great information you give. ? Have you thought of getting a dehydrator & vacuumsealer to make your own trail meals ahead of time?? Try Leinenkugels Summer Shadys pack. Light & refreshing!

  2. Will Ryan says:

    I've noticed that eating a ton of food before sleeping turns my body into a furnace

  3. Grandeur Nature says:

    Great video thanks! Which weeks of June do you plan the TMB? That questioned because we have a record snow level here in the Alps this year. I might even have to postpone a bit my start of the Great Alps Crossing trail, that actually joins the TMB for a few mileage (that are not the highest passes on my journey, but still..). So, the question for 1: inform, and 2: Should it be end of June we may cross each other for a drink up there? 🙂 Take care. Fabien IG: @grandeur_nature

  4. fsuter says:

    great to see you coming to europe! so much great trails here but no community like in america. gonna be doing the alpine passes-trail in july which follows the tour de mont blanc for a few days 🙂 stoked to see your reaction to the alps!

  5. Shelly Dirstine says:

    Do you know what the record low is for the JMT in September ? What was the lowest temperature you saw when you hiked the JMT?

  6. Hawk Daddy says:

    Bigfoot, I went to Germany last year and it was great. If you like beer and pork products, you will love it. I was in southern Germany, not far from France, and the people were absolutely awesome. Make sure you try a yufka, which is essentially, a Turkish burrito. They go great with a cold Tannen Zapfle beer from Rothaus. (Black Forest beer)

  7. Depending on your sleep pad valve, you can actually make a pump sack with a garbage bag and rubber bands. Have fun!

  8. ThiagoSlash says:

    Nice to have Q&As back!
    What food do you normally take on your thruhikes?

  9. Jamie T says:

    This year will be my first trip to trail days, hope to meet you while I’m there. Question, have you ever hiked the Linville gorge?

  10. Stan the Man Hikes says:

    Bigfoot so happy for you getting to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc. Did you reach out to Spielberg at all for any advise as he hiked it last year? I think that's one trail I would love to do someday. Looking forward to trail days only a couple of weeks away!

  11. William Matthey says:

    I’ll be in Switzerland National park last week of June. Don’t be alarmed if an Okie starts hollerin’ at you!

  12. 4kmh.com says:

    Congrats on your travel plans for the TMB. Middle of June might end up being quite tough (snow on the passes) and the weather is typically not the most stable. The snow fall for Chamonix looks average, but the south side of MB had considerable amounts (170 inches as compared to 48 last year in Courmayeur, though the average seems to be around 100 there). So stay safe. On the plus side: But you will beat the crowds. If your German friends are flexible I might consider touring (some of) Germany first and undertaking the TMB in the best weather window that presents itself (for as much as the prophicies of the weather men are worth). It would be a shame if you had a bad weather window on such a short trip and you don't get any of the views. In case you return to Europe you might give the alps south of Mont Blanc a shot. They get successively "wilder" and more "remote" and maybe are more similar to the wilderness trails in the US in that respect (though "road" walks are more common in Europe everywhere due to the long history of human habitation in the mountains). The section of the GR5 might serve as a guide to straddle the line between Italy and France. I live here and it is beautiful: https://youtu.be/U7P3sw53Ie8?t=1m20s

  13. Tom McGrew says:

    I plan on attending trail days next year and i would like to section hike from there what do you suggest. Also what is the best way to get from Marion to Damascus

  14. Asanka Meththa says:

    Great to hear you are doing the TMB. Can you please consider capturing all of it. Especially your travel tips, checking luggage just like you did on the JMT trip. I really learned a lot. Cant wait to follow your trip on the TMB. Cheers!

  15. Asanka Meththa says:

    Also if it rains during the Hiker Parade at trail days keep an eye out for that guy who will come to pick you up. lol.

  16. Michael Baptista says:

    What up Bigfoot! You gotta get down with some Michigan brews on a q&a. Grab some New Orthodox M-43. It’s amazing.

  17. Tina Soebbing says:

    Awesome travel plans! The Mont Blanc is going to be great! And I am just a tiny bit envious that your're going to visit my home country. I need to go back so badly. Say Hi to Germany for me and enjoy a really good Erdinger Weißbier!! 🙂

  18. Samuel Doak says:

    Best way to set up a double wall tent in the rain.
    Any option on the hilleberg tents. I like the extra large vestibule , not the weight.

  19. Backpacker Dad says:

    WOW very cool opportunity -enjoy Germany. Also "THANKS" a ton for all your videos. You and several other hikers on YouTube have helped me so much to get ready for my own AT section hike. Keep it up!!! Also look forward to the videos from the Europe hike! Go Bigfoot!

  20. elinknuckles says:

    Hi bigfoot! I'm doing the TMB late june! How many days are you planning on completing it? And what direction are you hiking?

  21. Moonlight Moe says:

    Just to add to last years total. Our Scout Troop picked up another 22 bags of garbage for the Earth Day challenge.

  22. Anthony van der Draai says:

    Garmin has released the Inreach Mini, looks to be an awesome upgrade for Hikers given its size and weight, what do you think?

  23. Ray Kroebl says:

    Thanks for all your great videos, Bigfoot! I have a Question for you Q&A:

    Planning my 2019 Thru-HIke of the AT these days. One thing I have trouble with is on-trail communications. This issue is a little complicated, if you come to the US from Europe. What I know is, that I will best be underway using Verizon. It is unfortunately not possible to stick a Verizon chip into an original European iPhone and make that work (that is what Verzizon told me after checking with the IMEI of my phone). So I will have to work around that somehow. What I need to know is: If people in Vlogs or Blogs say things like "I texted XYZ" or "I got a text from Hostel XYZ" do they mean "text" in the sense of the traditional texting (SMS) or do they mean WhatsApp? To me, potentially lugging along two phones, that does make a difference. Thanks for any info on the subject and enjoy your hike over here in Europe! Ray from Switzerland

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