Rescued Fox Makes Friends With Everyone She Meets | The Dodo

Rescued Fox Makes Friends With Everyone She Meets | This rescued baby fox goes hiking with her best friends 💕 🗻

Video by: Maggie McCarthy

Keep up with all of Ayla the rescued fox’s adventures on her Instagram:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

  1. Aditya Lie says:

    Unfortunately she had already gone to heaven, you can find updates in her IG

  2. Xinzhao 2627 says:

    That the most amazingiest and best cutest things I see's.😂😂

  3. Evelin Lisseth says:

    My mom said she will bye me a fox if there is some in the store

  4. RAPPO SIR says:

    I once talked with a wild fox n it was circling me……did not touch but…they r damn inyelligent

  5. IamSorry DudeXd141 says:

    I just saw the real version of the story of the Fox and the Hound.

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