Snowdon via Crib Goch and camping adventure WILTSHIRE MAN

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  1. Jason Roberts says:

    U very brave going up snowdon nice out walking like wild camping

  2. André La’Course says:

    I’ve just read the news that a body was recovered from the crib today by the llanberis mountain rescue. Unfortunately there are so many unprepared, under equipped people tackling a ridge that only the experienced should take on. I believe people should be turned away down at the base of the track if they don’t meet some sort of requirement. I kid you not that I once witnessed an Asian family in flip flops trying to reach the summit clambering over rocks on a very cold and wet dismal day.

  3. RDPproject says:

    Rare to see you without your specs on. Great soundtrack Sandy. It really added lots of atmosphere. Stunning shots and great video mate. R.

  4. Bushcraft Wales says:

    Great adventure Sandy looked amazing 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  5. sky blue says:

    A train to peak of snowdon?!! A train?!! unbelievable 😯 at least the revenue goes to conserving it..maybe
    You've got the constitution of an oxe doing that climb! Well done🤴

  6. Sheila Outside!! says:

    Holy Smoley that was one heck of a hike!.. with my fear of heights I could have never done that. Kudos to you guys 👍… Tell Simon He's a tenacious lad…& OMG the "knife edge" looks dangerous is crap!! Great commentary, wonderful video… Thanks for sharing 😊… Sheila

    P.s.. so many people! I'm surprised there weren't more rescues and injuries.

  7. Paul Outdoors says:

    Croeso i Cymru indeed Sandy. This has to be one of your best yet from start to finish. Loving Ants glasses and kudos to Simon for his perseverance with a dodgy knee. Paul 🙂

  8. TheHappyWanderer says:

    Fabulous film Sandy, I knew Paul would be a good guide for you lads, a true Welsh lad and great character. Fantastic drone footage Sandy, it really put perspective to where you all were. Great climb up Snowden mate, I am like yourself, can't be doing with all them people around me, never been up there myself, but somewhere so high, you would think you would find solitude up there. Glad you put up this video of your climb, defo coming off my bucket list.

  9. TheStickbow says:

    Fantastic walk and climb Sandy, I did Snowdon and also Trifan but that was 40 years ago, I would never be able to do it now but I do remember the feeling of “ I have made it” I take my hat off to you all and I am glad you are back safe.
    Take care Paul..

  10. welshmatty camping says:

    I love Snowdon I've climbed it many time as it on my doorstep but I did crib corch once and it terrified me haha how Did you find it

  11. ianmedium says:

    Great video except for the music. I should explain. I love your outdoor videos in particular because you capture so well the essence of nature so one hears nature and the silence, it’s one of the things that makes your videos so special. The music for me turns it into a Hollywood blockbuster and all that raw feeling of nature is lost for me, I hope that makes some sense. The way you capture the sounds of nature is drama far more powerful than any music can convey, especially this blockbuster type of music.

  12. Ivor the Engine says:

    Found your channel via Paulh .. fantastic Sandy.. more please..


    My stomping grounds, I'm only a few miles down the road, yeah hate this time of year for the tourism. My favorite time to be up there is a frosty March morning ,get out the crusader and make a brew and watch the sun rise . This time of year I ride dirt bikes and terrorize the hikers.

  14. Thirza Peevey says:

    Well, my friend, all I can say is I don't know how Mandy does it. If it were my husband doing that, I'd be a blithering idiot.

  15. Tracy Sunny Whited says:

    Just watched a show about the Snowden train yesterday and here you are !!!! Lol. Magical

  16. ysgolgerlan says:

    Hi Sandy, great video. I was camped pretty much near to where you were on the 7th of July and was awoken by a drone at 5.45am. I was just wondering if it was you. Next time you are in Snowdonia try the Carneddau range which is much more quieter and has Carnedd Llywellyn which is only 300ft lower than Snowdon, plus lots of open spaces for high level camping. Maybe let me know and we can meet up as I live below the Carneddau.

  17. campfire52 says:

    This was an amazing video Sandy. That "knife edge" climb looked like it would be tremendously unforgiving if anyone were to not take it serious enough to give it their full attention. That was quite an accomplishment to get across that. You can add that to your list of proud accomplishments for sure. Once you got up there above the clouds, you were rewarded with some amazing views. Thanks for sharing your amazingly beautiful journey with us. Enjoy the outdoors my friend.

  18. mickd6942 says:

    Sod that for a lark , sandy mate you must have testicals like space hoppers , nearest i have experieced was above a town in the langdale vally i new it was there down below in the mist and one slip i would have landed in the cemetery and buried my self lol i was hanging on to every rock ,
    My mate was laughing at me the ridge on this video
    I would not tackle so you have my respect mate

  19. mickd6942 says:

    As dirty harry or was it debie harry once said a mans got to know his limits so no pavy ark or crib goch for me

  20. mickd6942 says:

    Crib goch no problem but the high performance stove looks bloody dangerous lol, postman pissed has got it sorted with that breakfirst

  21. 5 stroke wander scotland says:

    Excellent awesome are you turn leader of the pack. who try to sing climb every mountain

  22. Cornish Knives & Camping says:

    Awesome video Sandy – you're a braver man than me walking across the ridge 😬
    Thanks for sharing
    ATB Mike

  23. Zesenwee says:

    Fantastic video! Did this climb in April 1987 with my wife in similar weather. No one at the top then !!! Tnx es 73s

  24. chunkyprepper says:

    That was great Sandy, not sure if I could ever walk the knife edge, I think it would have been worse if you could see right down, thank god for the midst. Shame your experience at the summit of Snowdon wasn't a good one, but i'm sure the walk up made up for it. Loved the video changing with the music, and the scenery was breathe taking…atb…chunky! 😉

  25. PUNK HIKER says:

    That was amazing one of your best videos in my opinion . You have balls of steal and you filmed at the same time , i was getting vertigo sitting down . Well done to the crow man .

  26. zalkona says:

    Sandy those rocks looked too slippery, I nearly looked away a couple off times. Otherwise an amazing adventure. I saw Rhialobrans' video too. Yours is much scarier, lol! 👍. Lisa

  27. Thomas Crowhurst says:

    Hi Sandy never posted, but always been a fan of your superb videos. From the small homely comforting ones in a cosy corner of a woods to these huge expanses and more adventurous videos.
    Your style of filmmaking has always impressed me, but this one looks to be straight out of a TV episode! Absolutely stunning footage.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures soon.
    ATB Tom

  28. Mike Tucker says:

    A brilliant feat and the film was outstanding. As i mentioned on another log recently, my bottle was going and i am in an armchair. Many thanks !

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