Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm (87 Days episode 25)

Finally what i thought was a perfect time to do a solo overnight in a snowstorm came. So i prepared to go spend the night in my Thatched reed winter survival shelter. I packed up my gear and loaded it all into the sled and hike out to the reed shelter. That storm dumped over a foot of snow in places but i was warm and cozy in the thatched reed hut. So much for survival i sat by the fire and whittled all night and got a good night sleep on my reed sleeping mat. I cooked and egg in the ashes and coals and roasted an apple for dinner . Woke up my sleeping fire Using my Fire banking methodI had put her to sleep the night before And had a good size fire going before I ever got out of bed. But Once I got up I made some coffee And stir-fry from thrive life. They make freeze-dried meals for dinners at home but work great for camping. The weather outside might be frightful but inside my thatched reed winter survival shelter It’s quite delightful!!!

I do Not Recomend Survival frogs machete after further use it I found it was impossible to cut anything over 3/4 of an inch. Survival frog products are like getting the Pu pu platter at Chinese restaurants some of the stuf is reall tasty but every so often you just get a rat on a stick.


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Im going to lift the vail a bit and show you how i film my YouTube videos and how to Make a casting Video for History channels Alone show. But we are going to do it wail fallowing the creation of a video about how to make a slingshot. And not just any slingshot I’m going to make a natural fork Ash slingshot and ill take you threw the hole process from cutting it to steaming the forks and shooting it. And while we’re doing that I’ll share the tips and tricksTo making An awesome casting video For history channels Survival show Alone. As well as how I make my YouTube videos In the difference between the two. wink.

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  1. Cam Schmidt says:

    New to your channel lol I dont really watch tv and didnt know about the show you were on. Awsome video thank you. Ive grown up in northern B.C. most of my life and miss it.

  2. Robert Hills Jr says:

    Damn good idea with the Egg in ashes. Actually with the ashes the food is good for you including the ashes. Adds phoshsphurous to your food. I know, the spelling terrible. Great video. Thank you.

  3. Skelton Slay8er says:

    Have you ever made scrambled eggs in boiling water? You just scramble your eggs and put it in a baggie, then put it in boiling water. Look it up for a proper way to do it.

  4. Allat Goddess says:

    You needed crackers/baguette and cheese and ham with that egg.
    That breakfast looks yummy. What's the brand and type?

  5. Carl D says:

    Somehow building a fire inside a pile of sticks does not seem like a good idea.

  6. GigaBud says:

    Awesome man glad to see another Mainer enjoying the Maine woods An showing what we’re brought up doing……from kids…

  7. Paul O says:

    You watch a few BeardMeatsFood videos and YT starts recommending these tree huggin sugar haters…

  8. Hamid Zare says:

    Such a great vidio, thanks for shearing, i love you pray time, may Jesus bless you

  9. no yes says:

    Just got here. Sense of Humor. Capable & Skilled. Wanta spend a night in your snow insulated grass hut, is wonderful as a walk down the drive with a coffee in hand. Just a shame you didn't have a Safeway Bag full of groceries in the sled there eh. I'll watch cause I'll learn.

  10. 1stBumbleBeeMaster says:

    Dude here is how to put hot rocks in your sleeping back without burning a whole.
    Step one get a large pot of boiling water, put in some rocks, let them boil for around an hour, they will absorb lots of heat, take them out of the boiling water and leave them for 5 minutes, all the water will evaporate but the rocks will still be very hot and will remain so for ages.
    Do not use porous rocks though. After half an hour the rocks will still be to hot to handle.
    Try it at home with a large pebble and a pan of boiling water for proof that this works.
    Now though we have modern hotwater bottles made of rubber, This idea came from the boiling water pebbles. Hope this info is helpful 🙂

  11. I AM WHO I AM says:

    Good skills to learn for the upcoming…

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    ADAPT 2030
    ICE AGE 2050



  12. Steven Dufort says:

    Ya your from Maine, snowballs? Knock it with a stick.This is going to be funny

  13. Nancy Nieves says:

    Can you put the fire and you went back to bed that's nice you should have still in bed a little bit more longer and put it in at the door so no cold air can come in

  14. David Cartland says:

    decent content, but im not watching several 2 minute long ads to view in.. dislike

  15. Patch the-first says:

    just when you think you cant find anymore brilliant channels and bam! , up pops another one .

  16. MrKatyia says:

    this guy is brilliant. he should be on the Big Bang Theory !

  17. Boyd Stone says:

    You should make a snow cap for your tipi. I looks like a north american bull boat. Tie four poles to it to raise it up there.

  18. keeperofthegood says:

    an FYI as I have never seen anyone mention this those cotton pieces are made for and are used in dentistry. They are called cotton roll's, the ones with the brading are called braided cotton rolls. They are made as clean as can be because any contamination of the cotton can cause medical issues when used to pack mouth wounds (either sterile or not). They are available in many places, 20 bucks and less depending how big a pack you want (easily 500 to 2000 per pack).

  19. pretty girl says:

    Your a doll nice to see a real man not afraid of sharing that he has a daily devotional and praise of God. Love your humor, like your shelter the best so you keep bear spray and weapons for large critters ?

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