Stampscapes 101: Video 294. Speed Coloring

I have a hard time leaving a bunch of unfinished compositions/stamp sketches on my table so I decided that I would try and finish all 6 in a mass production style. All scenes except for one were finished with the same color scheme but the one that wasn’t just didn’t have as many colors as the rest. It was interesting working in this manner albeit a little repetitive. While this video isn’t short, each scene averaged about 15 minutes to complete which is fairly quick considering the number of inks used on each scene. Now I want to embellish these scenes!

Original: Dye based ink on 4.25″ x 5.5″ glossy cardstock. Colors used: Distress Inks -Tea Dye and Walnut Stain. Memento –Bahama Blue, Danube Blue, Bamboo Leaves, Desert Sand, Rich Cocoa. Marvy – Black, Salvia Blue, Light Blue, Prussian Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Rose Marie, Green, Jungle Green, Yellow Green, Light Green, Pale Green.

Stamps used: Curvilinear Road 145F, Crooked Path 146F, Dirt Road (sm) 374E, Dirt Road (lg) 375G, Sedge Filler 251C, Grass Texture 208D, Tall Grass 253D, Pebbles 256A, Oak Row 223F, Tree Cluster 266D, Maple Pair 239D, Rocky Peaks 188F, Cabin 140E, Cabin w/Fence 144F, Old Fence 293C, Pines and Rocks sm 267E, Eerie Moon 282F, Horse 171A, Lady on Horse 168A, Hiker and Child 165A, Cow Grazing 172A, Reeds 067B, Reeds Lg 068D. Old Row of Houses by 100 Proof Press.

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  1. Patty Mather says:

    Very interesting starting with base layer of blue ! I have never really thought of that possibility before. Certainly makes a lot of sense.
    Always pick up new ideas watching your videos. Also love the way you talk thru your steps of adding color and why you do so. I am not new to using color. I have never added as many layers to a card but you are inspiring me to maybe go a bit further with the inking!

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