Streetwear & Menswear Trends You NEED to Follow OR ELSE…

Check out Sang’s channel for some really well put together menswear content →


Calvin Klein FW18:
Alyx Studio Hiking Boots:
Rick Owens Hiking Boots:
Calvin Klein Western Sale:
Bucket Hats:
Craig Green FW18:
Helmut Lang Fuscia:

  1. they're crediting the photographers on deutschwelle, giovanni gianonni was one of the photographers at pitti uomo, which is where jun and takahiro showed

  2. krispie kreme says:

    im late. but i thought this video was awesome. its great to hear other opinions in upcoming trends. This gives another point of view on pieces and even things to be more aware of; such as the leather bit

  3. Joshua Lee says:

    the collab I've been waiting for… at first I thought ave was photoshopped into sangiev's backdrop LOL

  4. Max Aycock says:

    With the new asap rocks shoes coming that look like Osiris d3's, soon tapout shirts and Ed Hardy will be fashionable, or at least dervitives of them. Not that I think this is bad, I think 90s done well is a great look. Just interesting to see where these trends go

  5. Silas Ditzer says:

    i think trends are just for getting to experiment with clothes and styles. its like oh look this is the shit right now! and so i realise its a thing and from that time on i can chose to try it or not.
    its not like forcing ppl to buy clothes even though gq tries to.

  6. Michael Semmel says:

    would have liked some articles from gq style and grailed, GQ style is putting out superior content to the "normal gq" site imo, good video though 🙂

  7. alejandro pereira says:

    I can not believe I was three days without seeing this video
    love you bro

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