STUNNING! Grand Canyon North Rim Hike – Widforss Trail

The Widforss Trail is a 10-mile trek. We had seen sunrise that morning and had a good breakfast. This trail made for a perfect day spent in Grand Canyon National Park. We enjoyed the hike through the forest, the never-ending views of the canyon, and the wildlife we met along the way (Condor, Kaibab Squirrels, and ground Squirrels…oh MY!).

  1. potatothorn says:

    oh YEAH this is Awesome !! super colors. and Whoa when wings flap like that that sure is a condor, Amazing shot i think i see a tag on its wing! (we watch on a big screen) nice catch of the squirrel too. We loved this video and Rox says your narration is very professional thanks for taking us with you

  2. DAVID6789 says:

    We did that hike in May 2016. I had the pleasure of being assaulted by a protective nesting grouse who had set up just off the trail. Although the park service had staked out a detour, the grouse took no notice of it. What was fascinating is she passed by 3 other hikers to get to me. On the return trip I was by myself and wound up having to go over a ridge and hike about 300 yards way off the trail. I wonder why she focused on me. Was it something I said? 😀

  3. Nancy Vigland says:

    So jealous! We are eager to go to the north rim but haven't made it yet. Great shots of a beautiful area.

  4. The Mrs. KKB says:

    This is such a beautiful hike and such an underrated trail.  I am not sure why because it has everything.  Loved the Lupine wildflowers and all the wildlife and of course the view 🙂 yeah…. tough spot to have lunch right? Thank you for sharing and I am going on a trip down memory lane now watching your other North Rim videos 😉 I keep getting side tracked by fall color videos LOL. Happy Trails!

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