The tarantula content creators on YouTube have come together to do a series called the “Tarantula Tag” where each individual is to answer 10 default questions set. The video is then ended with any question for the next tagged person to answer.

Default questions :
1) What got you interested in tarantulas?
2) What was your first tarantula?
3) What is your favourite species?
4) What is your dream tarantula?
5) How many tarantulas do you currently have?
6) Introduce us to one tarantula.
7) Feed one tarantula.
8) What is your favourite tarantula channel(s) on YouTube?
9) Do you have any other exotic animals or reptiles?
10) Tag someone to do this.

This idea was thought of by Tarantula Kat :

There is also a playlist to everyone who had completed their turn :

The next person to be tagged : N/A (removed for personal reasons)

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  1. Exotics Lair says:

    Sorry about the sudden cut at the end.
    There were some footages I wanted to remove for personal reasons.
    Regardless, thanks all for watching ! ^^

  2. жЇиacтїvє 伝説 says:

    I have a question which is the biggest and most dangerous spider u have

  3. жЇиacтїvє 伝説 says:

    What to encounter while watching exotics lair

    60% ~ feisty females
    30%~ my camera wont focus
    3% it is in molding stage
    7%~ we have a runner

  4. Tom Moran says:

    A commercial came on before your video, and for a second, I thought that you were actually showing your face! haha FANTASTIC video, bud. Love the chaco golden knees. I have four, and I can't part with any of them. I just picked up three C. darlingi slings as my last two were male. I think it's awesome that you have all of those photos of your first (especially love the on of him drinking!). The P. cambridgei is an amazing species. I have a big female that I've raised from a sling, and like yours, she eats right up to just before a molt. Your M. balfouri is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE that species. Awesome stuff!

  5. Levany says:

    Do you have a Pamphobeteus Platyomma? Or maybe a Xenesthis Immanis?
    If not, do you plan on getting one of them? Aaand which one is in your opinion more beautiful/stunning/awesome?
    Cuz my sister had a X. Immanis and that was practically the first big T I ever got in contact with … she left quite an impression and she was so damn shy xD

    btw how do you make those smooth air holes in your containers/enclosures/thingies? I know a few ways but I'd like to know which one you prefer …

    Love your channel, keep up the good vids … can't stop watching them since I found you <3

  6. mm bb says:

    Why don't you touch them instead using the stick?? Take them by your hand (your goliaths)?

  7. KabutoRyu says:

    Some question always bothered me
    Are we need feed a tarantula 3x every day?
    Tyvm for answer
    It’s fine if we accidentally over feeding?
    How long they can survive without food?

  8. spy is heavy. says:

    I have a question can you keep two tarantulas in the same enclosure if you place a place a glass or something to split the space in the enclosure

  9. snooganite7 says:

    I've been watching your videos quite a bit. I think you have persuaded me to face my fears and get my first T! They are fascinating. I believe I have decided on a G. Pulchripes.

  10. Suvacha Tomar says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of spiders but I have to admit, watching your videos I am learning so much about tarantulas and their behaviour. I kind of like them now!

  11. Victoria Niccals says:

    you’re such a proud father lol, great video by the way, I really enjoy your channel and all your awesome pets/children very much 🙂 but I really love Bella for some reason 😩

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