The BEST Value Woods Chest Holster (Hunting, Hiking, Backpacking)

We’ve been looking for the perfect hiking, hunting, backpacking chest holster for quite a while now. Most holsters are too bulky, the straps are too thick, and belt holsters get in the way of the hip straps on a big backpack. We finally found the perfect chest holster. It is very light, very well-made, and very sleek. It’s hand made, and very reasonably priced. Check out the website:

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  1. Dakine says:

    Not the best. In fact not even the best place for your ‘side arm.’

    There is an Alaskan chest holster. That’s the best you can buy and use, IF you are actually not going to need binoculars.

  2. jarret45 says:

    This just feels beyond stupid. What's the point? When would you actually utilize something like this? Bear spray is much more effective than a pistol. I guess the holster is ok if you're a dipshit who wants to feel tough after shooting a bear. Are you going to take this on your thru hike through the Appalachian Trail since you say it's for backpacking? Yeah that's not going to creep out and disturb literally everyone you come across on your hike.

  3. fullmetalhighfive says:

    Excellent review. Hunting hogs in Texas, it's so important to have a sidearm as a backup. Those chubby beasts will charge you without warning, right out of the brush. And you never know what else is going to jump out in the woods.

  4. H Stevens says:

    Have you looked at the Hill People Recon Kit Bag? I wear mine every time I get on my bike.

  5. kirkus8 says:

    Looks very nice! The glock 20 was my first choice for a bear gun around here but the bank said otherwise 🙂 I settled with a cheap .357 snub nose from charter arms until i can get the glock. Enjoyed the video guys!

  6. Walter O says:

    Been interested in this chest holster for some time now. Love that it’s made of leather. Great review and stay safe!

  7. SGT ROCK says:

    The email address you posted for the holster has issues with their security certificates.

  8. Karl Schuhknecht says:

    I’ve watched a few of your reviews and before this one I’d have thought you were anti-gun. Now I realize how you just have to be careful with what you say in all your videos, because of the diverse audience you have. It’s gotten to a point in society to where people will judge you by your beliefs and your position with certain things. Great review, keep up the good work and I’ll keep up my amazon purchases 😆

  9. The Great Pumpkin's Loftiest Creation says:

    been looking for one….made in Montana….I always try and support western states with my $.

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